I will never forget what I saw while in Israel – UK foreign secretary

David Cameron was made foreign secretary as part of Monday's reshuffle

In the past, when politicians visited Israel, they used to go to Yad Vashem in Jerusalem to show their respect for the Holocaust.

Nowadays, they are going to visit a kibbutz close to Gaza where many Israelis were killed by Hamas on 7 October. This morning, David Cameron visited kibbutz Be’eri, which was his first trip to Israel as the new UK foreign secretary.

Cameron and his Israeli friend Eli Cohen walked through the farm area where about 100 people were killed, not far from Gaza.

He went over the broken rocks and entered the destroyed homes that still smelled of burnt materials. Then he said that he had seen and heard things that he will always remember.

Cameron asked everyone in the stopped hostage deal to make it happen. He said it was important to take a break to help people in Gaza and let the hostages go.

But Cohen said that even after setting the hostages free, Israel would keep fighting to reach its aim – which is to get rid of Hamas control in Gaza.


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