Senanga member of parliament (UPND) Mukumbuta Mulowa

By Patson Chilemba

Senanga member of parliament (UPND) Mukumbuta Mulowa says he will forever remain a UPND member.

And Mulowa said he reported the matter of suspected corruption in the UPND run Senanga district council to the party leadership before he reported the matter to the police.

Mulowa recently told Daily Revelation that he had reported the council to the police after suspected corruption over what he viewed as inflated figures the council was procuring the goods and services at. He said he had also asked the Auditor General’s office to look into the matter.

He said UPND must show that they can run their councils better before they could be entrusted with the central government, as according to him there was no difference between the councils run by the UPND and those being run by the ruling PF.

However, in reaction to that, UPND secretary general Stephen Katuka said Mulowa was a failed project who had become bitter with council chairperson Mwitumwa Sikuka because of her super performance, good public conduct and hard work. He said Mulowa therefore felt threatened with her popularity in the area.

But Mulowa said that estimation was Katuka’s own opinion, and that he would comment on that at the right time.

Asked if he thought he had any future in the UPND in view of the sentiments that were coming from the party leadership, Mulowa insisted on his commitment to the opposition party.

“I am UPND, I am not going to leave the party. I am still UPND and I will remain UPND forever,” said Mulowa.

Mulowa has defied his party’s position over bill 10, alongside his other two party colleagues Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa (Nalikwanda) and Teddy Kasonso (Solwezi West).


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