Chanoda Frackson Ngwira

I won’t support stupidity and mediocrity in the name of loyalty.

Chanoda Ngwira wrote…

Of late i have been viewed as an opposition person though they have not tagged a party yet though I obviously know they would say it is UPND since I came from there. My decision to speak truth against the wishes of many scrap metals we call leaders has cost me business, security and other things. My decision to call a spade not with another name but a spade has made me unpopular amongst some low caliber gentlemen and women we call leaders. That’s not even an issue to me anyway.

Supporting stupidity and mediocrity is what they call loyalty and respect to some these rascals we address as leaders simply because they got voted into office and subsequently appointed by a good Presdident in President Lungu who they have taken advantage of because of his good heart which unfortunately to them is weakness.

I must state here and now that President Lungu has had a tough time because he has people short of leadership qualities who unfortunately he has kept for this long. Some of these leaders have contributed to his dimming popularity among Zambians and they seem to have no conscious at all to realise that. In short, the Presdient has been taken advantage of, this truth am sure he knows.

Some of these office holders do not even understand their roles hence making different mistakes at different levels and intervals. All they are good at most of them is preparing for their retirement through day light thieving, this they are good at doing and when faced with the law, they want to use every available excuse to run away.

Fellow Zambians, it pains me to see a situation where we have chipante pante kind of Governance mainly because we can not be independent in the actual sense. It hurts me to realise that we are still a colony to so many countries because of greedy by these scavengers we have put in office and unfortunately they got appointed I do not know how, maybe due to the good heart of our President.

How on earth would you for instance make the Mayor of Lusaka Miles Sampa apologise for doing what Joyce Nonde and even himself Banda could have been doing? Are we a cursed nation? Dr Banda had the guts to reprimand a good soul in Miles Sampa simply because of Chinese? What’s wrong with some of these leaders? Are we independent or it is only on paper?

To Hon Miles Sampa, you did us proud and many Zambians applaud you. You chose to be a good representative unlike some of these known retards who have their eyes focused on corruption and thieving. Be proud of yourself, you are not weak, you are actually strong. Keep it up and may you live long.

The Author is 2021 Chasefu Constituency Aspiring candidate.


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