MOVEMENT for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) leader Nevers Mumba says should he become President, he will send the Chellah Tukuta and Ben Lombe to Seminary and Zambia National Service so that they are transformed into better people.

In his Facebook post, Dr Mumba described the behavior by the two social media influencers as disappointing especially after at the nation had laid down its great icon of unity, Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

“Under my leadership, I would send Chellah to the Seminary and Ben to Zambia National Service. Those two organisations can sort out our two young people and turn them into a better version of the talented persons we all know they are.I have worked with Chellah and I do not know him to be a hateful person,” he said

Dr Mumba further called on Zambians to ignore such differences between Chellah and Ben and instead concentrate on important issues that are critical to the country.

“Tearing away at each other, without a word of remonstrance from the entire counsel of elders, and with nearly the entire social media urging them on. Zambia should not be allowed to degenerate into a nation that champions person shaming and unnecessary display of intolerance and dangerous extremism full of hate,” he said


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