IDENTIFYING LIES OF KAKUBO:Carrying calendar and a pen in a briefcase?

“I visited Sinoma as a private citizen with view to ordering pockets of cement and premix cement. Management identified me and opted to walk me to the car park and also gave me their branded calendar and a pen as souvenir.”

Carrying calendar and a pen in a briefcase? These are true lies.

Besides, the conversation about the cement and premix was concluded via a WhatsApp conversation with Amos.

Secondly, the Chinese flag on the vehicle is part of ordering cement?

There are better ways of lying not this one.

And please be reminded that the Chinese are good at exposing people. They positioned someone to take those pictures intentionally, knowing very well what was going on. Usually, the Chinese would expose you if you become a menace to them by way of always demanding for money and harassing them.






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