If Edgar Lungu says he wants to be on the ballot in 2026 I will still fight him – KBF


Save your reputation, that’s my advice to ECL – KBF

By Kholiwe Miti(The Mast)

IF former president Edgar Lungu says he wants to be on the ballot in 2026 I will still fight him, says Zambia Must Prosper (ZMP) president Kelvin Fube Bwalya.

He advises Lungu not to be on the ballot in the next elections.

Briefing the media at the party secretariat on Friday, Bwalya said Lungu has had his time by being elected twice and “has already done his second term”.

“The former president did not qualify and I stood on principle and I said for me, I consider that a third term. I have not changed that position. So if you are asking me to advise Edgar Chagwa Lungu (ECL) today that would be my advice. He gave us seven years of leadership we thank him but that’s it. We are not short of leaders in this country and we cannot be going backwards. That time has passed. Every time that passes, every minute that passes, the season changes,” he said. “So for me I don’t believe that former president must come back into active politics. The only reason I agreed with this position was that he said he was returning to active politics because he wanted to protect and defend democracy. That I will do, I will hold his hand and we will walk the corridors of justice to ensure that we protect that, no more no less. But if he says he wants himself on the ballot I will still fight him.”

Bwalya said it is a “no go area” for Lungu to run for president.

“We have enough leaders in this country and therefore that to me is a no-go area. And my position has not changed. He has been elected twice, he has been on the ballot twice. He has won two elections, twice, and I maintain that position. Those who changed their positions that’s their problem,” said Bwalya. “I have never changed and as you know I don’t know who but there are some citizens who have taken him back to court on that issue. You remember the Constitutional Court had said he is eligible. Citizens have now gone back to court saying court to review that decision and to vacate and set aside that decision so that he doesn’t run. So for me why go through the machinations, why not save your reputation? That’s my advice to ECL.”


  1. If lawyers cannot respect court decisions, who will? Why does KBF not take the case to court like others have done? So far PF has not stated that ECL will be its candidate.

  2. Ba KBF you are opening wars on too many fronts..ECL just wants to save the PF, and so far the strategy is working. The useless Hakainde – Miles Sampa Project is proving to be a useless failure. The PF remains intact. Miles Sampa is wallowing in the Wilderness, and Hakainde, his Courts, his ECZ will run out of Mingalatos.
    Hakainde is failing to organize a simple bye Election..the electoral system in total disarray.. Mwansabombwe, Mpika, Chinsali can’t be part of sham elections.
    Hakainde’s walk of shame continues

  3. FBK man with a largest humongous bible that needs 10 people to turn a page. Funny your ancenstors did not write that book.

    Please speak about your manifesto and alternatives that will make Zambia prosper. I recall you were Pfool and much as u tried to get a plum job, ELC dissed you.
    Then you pop up in an alliance with HH7 hoping for a job, again nil.

    Some thing wrong with you and now you are like Sean Tembo. One man party

  4. Jm you are just.a PF criminal iwe. You have no capacity to end Miles Sampa’s political career coz sindiwe unamubala PF Mambala iwe.

  5. Just concentrate on building your ka one man party, always talking about and fighting people, do you think fighting Lunga will give you any political mileage? That’s why end up failing before you even start because your aim is just fighting people and nothing else. At first it was HH and now it’s Lungu, continue wasting your time because you are going nowhere.

  6. Iwe KBF, Lungu stands a better chance of unseating HH than any other clown, including you.
    Don’t put your foot in it. Are you related to Miles Sampa?

  7. Having enough leaders in the country is a very weak ground to exclude ECL from 2026 elections ba Lawyer,KBF.What will you achieve fighting him?Fight the methods and means of tribalism,nepotism,selective and secret awarding of jobs by the pf then and now by upnd like when they recruited youths in the Police Service.Will your party also be doing the same? Why is secret recruitment poisonous for Zambia ? Why should Zambians vote for you ? Work in these areas,not exhaustive tho.From Berlin


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