If HH Were A Foolish President, Lungu And His Minions Would Be In Exile Today- Sikaile Sikaile

Sikaile Sikaile

By Sikaile Sikaile


You cannot change my perspective on Edgar Lungu as a violent and the man behind our struggling economy. I laugh when some try to advise me to forget about Lungu and PF. I think you don’t know what some of us went through under his ruthless leadership of terror. He willingly watched and sanctioned thugs controlling the country.

Some of us experienced his brutal government firsthand. His government killed citizens without remorse. Is it because the citizens who died are not your relatives or close friends that you want us to forget about these atrocities? But even then, any normal human being should fear seeing blood or innocent people being shed.

Today, he is mobilizing some misguided opposition leaders to champion his wishful thinking of a comeback. I look at those teaming up with him as jokers because they all know the real character of the man. If HH were a foolish president, Lungu and his minions would all be in exile today. I salute Mr. Mmembe on this one for distancing himself. Even if Lungu came to power today, there is nothing apart from plundering of public resources and terror against divergent views. I criticize him because I’m a living testimony of the dark side of Lungu and PF.

During his reign, citizens’ blood was common. They politically killed Vespers, Lawrence, Matapa, Obed Bwalya, Mapenzi, Nsama, Joseph, Kungo. Is this the man you would miss as a sane citizen? And you, opposition members, especially the young ones, what are you learning from him? Are you really after serving the citizens or do you just want to gain power and misuse it? Without a doubt, if Lungu had won, our country would have been torn apart in 2021.

The peace Hakainde Hichilema has granted our nation, including those mischievous characters like Lungu, should be appreciated. We all know and acknowledge that the economy is not doing well, and we expect the current president and his team to solve the problems. But suggesting that Lungu is better is just ridiculous and lacks logical thinking.

Lungu allowed tribal division to flourish, causing ordinary citizens to turn against each other. We need a leader who offers equal opportunities to all Zambians. Some choose to ignore this reality, but it frustrated many of us who were judged by ethnicity and denied opportunities.

We don’t need to kill each other for having different political ideologies, but under the man you are missing, killing those suspected of being opponents was normal. How many has Hakainde Hichilema killed so far? If you have any evidence, bring it, and I will give you a cow. You cannot see this because you never suffered under his brutal administration. Thugs had captured our nation to the extent of being police officers. Due to this gesture by Lungu, we have some thugs in the important house of parliament.

My advice to the UPND government is to listen to the complaints of ordinary citizens on the ground and engage with them across the country. This approach will make it easier to solve national problems. Many challenges are being faced by our citizens, and they need their government in power to listen attentively. Do not give a chance to criminals to gain ground and think that they are angels.


DISCLAIMER: If the statements I have made are untrue and malicious, let whosoever is aggrieved take legal action, and I will defend myself even without a lawyer.


  1. Sir talk about Mweetwa Cornelius. Just because you are from together you can’t condemn his tribal expose to the whole world about Upnd having sponsored Ksmbwili to spread tribal talk “on behalf of Lungu”! Lungu unknowingly implicated. Innocent Edgar Lungu has been vindicated. Efyo abomba Lesa! Those who plant evil, like Upnd, will reap evil!

  2. Let us not waste our time with these idiots UPND.

    We just need to vote them out.

    Zambia should be going places. We are too good for these clowns in government.


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