If loyalty were human beings


If loyalty were human beings

By Mwiinga Cheelo

If there is a place one tests trust, it is politics. In 2016, I came very close to how politicians and politics works especially in this country.

I saw betrayal, lies and outright skullduggery I have never seen before. Fortunately the person I worked with had integrity of the highest order. Atypical of a politician but, he was.

This opportunity gave me the chance to meet Brian Mwiinga and later Fredrick Misebezi.

Now just imagine the political environment the opposition was operating in. One day during the 2016 election in Chipata, while running away from marauding caders, Brian was in the back of a pickup that overturned.

After three weeks of treatment, scars and all, he was back on the trail. 2020/21 was even to be a harder year, these two “boys” did amazing things for HH that at one point they were live on video as teargas canisters were flying past them.

With a stubborn candidate, they were not to be stopped. Coming out of Nakonde they were stopped, one of them got on a different car with the candidate and circumvented the police to end up in Mbala at 23 hours and started addressing the crowds that were eagerly waiting.

There are numerous such stories about these two boys. Their loyalty even when HH was not an attractive candidate is unmatched. Those that are ignorant and simply spiteful will say whatever they want to say about these boys, but if loyalty be the most important attribute in politics, these two are an embodiment of that virtue.

LESSON: Loyalty against all odds unless your intentions are not pure.

Kalemba January 8, 2023


  1. There are many people that got maimed and are still loyal to HH. It is not everyone who can be appointed otherwise the system would collapse. When one decides to be loyal it should not be in exchange of a reward but loyalty to a cause for the betterment of the Country.


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