‘If PF is destroyed it will be ECL’s fault’


ECL Is At Fault:

‘If PF is destroyed it will be ECL’s fault’

Confusion in PF is as result of ECL being undemocratic and wanting to make PF a personal thing. If ECL had not made PF a personal thing, Brain Mundubile’s situation wouldn’t have arisen and Chabinga would be far from being heard of.

Flipping the coin many times helps everyone to arive at the decision of learning to get ride of greediness. Greediness by one man being ECL has made Brian Mundubile, Davies Chama, etc look like villains to everyone who is being controlled by ECL.

To reemphasise, confusion is fueled by former leader of the party, it spreads from the party to parliament were MPs meet and then affects the entire country.

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