If You Dare Me, I Will Hang It On The Line Like Underwears, Tayali Warns Mwizukanji

Chilufya Tayali

Mwizukanji to start with, I am disappointed by your response, thought you are reasonable but nah, I was wrong, you are very conceited and you stop at nothing, including lying and manipulation to wear that crown
My points are very clear, it is about:

1. you cheating about your children (which you seem to be embracing now),

2. Taking advantage of a poor child whom you had with a celebrity when you weren’t anything in public. You have used that to grow your fame while demonizing the guy that gave you the limelight.

3. Denying access of the poor child from her father so that you can win public sympathy as a single mother to this one child, yet you have other children whom you have been covering up like you did to that guy you accuse to have been uncouth to you.

4. You have been accusing this guy of not being supportive yet you wanted to take advantage of the child to get extra cash as per your demands

These things are in public domain and I had to stand up for the poor guy who has been ignoring you.

Your help in my campaign is appreciated but it is not an insurance for me to ignore your mischievousness and malice against that guy. I am not manipulated by support, or money, or sexual favors if any.

Take a humble pie and honour up and change for the better which I think you are doing.

Yes drop the mic and do the right thing not pretending to be noble when you have a lot in the closet of yours and if you dare me, I will hang it on the line like underwears.


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