PF secretary general Davis Mwila says any party members holding premature campaigns for adoption will be expelled from the party.

Mwila said the 2021 PF adoptions shall be on merit and according to performance.

He said he was aware of people that want to use money for adoptions and cause confusion.

He said this when he addressed the Luanshya district PF members.

“All sitting MPs, mayors, councillors must deliver or they must forget about adoption. If you do not deliver, if you do not work, forget about adoptions. If you are a councillor and you have failed, forget about adoption,” Mwila said.

He said only party members who have worked hard for the party must be rewarded for the work they have done.

“Do not recommend appointments based on personal relationships or friendship but on hard work and commitment to the party,” he said.

“Everyone wants to be an MP. You have only been a councillor or mayor for few years and you are already destabilising the party structure with your campaigns to be an MP. We shall kick you out and you shall not even enter your promised land. We have heard what you are doing. You are constituency chairman, you want to be MP and you start suspending people who are not supporting you. We will not accept that. If someone is a civil servant and you want to contest, why disturb a sitting MP? Resign and join politics,” Mwila said.

He said some of the impatient PF members would get frustrated and join other political parties because they were in hurry for top leadership.

He warned Mufulira PF members who were fighting sitting members of parliament.

“We cannot have an ordinary member fighting a Cabinet minister. This is the first time in my life that I have seen an ordinary party member fighting a Cabinet minister and we are just watching. People in Mufulira will face our wrath before we head back to Lusaka. Enough is enough with this behaviour,” said Mwila.

“Electoral Commission of Zambia has announced that there will be voter registration starting in October 2020. All of us must be ready to take people for registration. Not just playing around. The political party which will register more members will win elections. You must start with NRCs, start from branches, ward and constituency. All your children and community members without NRCs must get NRCs and register as voters. Not everyday fighting to be councillor, mayors, MPs, positions you will never even get.”



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