THE Leadership Movement says it is saddened by this degeneration of political campaigns where some politicians have resorted to tribal politics.

Party president Richard Silumbe said this was a cancer that was fought five decades ago by the country’s founding fathers.

“Our founding fathers like Goldwin Mbikusita Lewanika, Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula and Kenneth David Kaunda worked tirelessly to unite this country because they knew that we can only succeed as a country when we are united as people. Today we are One Zambia One Nation! And any Zambian has the right to seek presidential office or rule this country regardless of the tribe,” he said. “If you insult a Tonga, you have insulted all of us because we are family. You have insulted our mothers, our fathers, our aunties, our wives, our cousins, our nieces, our friends…and you can’t go scot free! You deserve to be admonished! This is not your Zambia alone.”

Dr Silumbe said it was understandable that campaigns were getting tougher by the day but politicians should not lose morals just to win an election.

“Let us not sacrifice the uniting fabric of the very country we seek to lead! Even in our campaigns, let us strive to build a great Zambia united under one flag, all one, strong and free,” said Dr Silumbe.


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