If You Join A Fight, Don’t Cry When They Remove Your Teeth, Hope Lungu Is Ready – Davies Chama



By Mwiche Nalwimba

WHEN you find nine people exchanging blows and you join in instead of stopping the fight, don’t cry when they remove your teeth, says Davies Chama, in apparent reference to former president Edgar Lungu.

The suspended PF national chairperson further says time reveals even something that is deeply hidden.

On Saturday, Lungu announced his return to active politics as PF leader, saying he won’t allow the opposition party to die for as long as he lived.

But in an interview, Wednesday, Chama questioned what strategy he would use to achieve that.

“I have heard someone say ‘I have come back to sort out the factions [in order] to bring sanity’ and says ‘I cannot allow what is happening [to continue]’…



  1. Like I always say, lungu lacks wisdom. The man is surrounded by crooked people, conmen and cadres so you don’t expect any better. Just look at his supporters maweh!

  2. ECL is a thug!
    You know the character of a person by the company they keep!
    Fellow countrymen and women, Zambia remains retarded because we keep on recycling the same leaders who have failed us!
    We risk becoming “proverbial d0gs” if we will always want to go back to our vomit!
    The skyrocketing cost of living is a global phenomenon and Zambia has not been spared. In fact Zambia is lucky to have secured Debt restructuring already and so there is hope.
    Let’s travel to countries in the sub-region and we’ll be better informed. In DRC, a 25kg bag of Mealie meal costs close to K1,000 and you are crying over a K300? Are we serious?
    Instead of looking for Farms and mass producing to cash in on this great opportunity, we want to waste time crying?
    Are we not a Christian Nation who should know better that the last days will be tough? Have you not read Matthew 24?
    When the going gets tough, the tough get going!
    If you expect politicians to make things easy for you, you will remain miserable!
    Us who grew a lot of Maize last season have been smiling all the way to the bank because thanks to government, the price was very good!
    A high cost of living is not the fault of PF or UPND! It’s a global phenomenon!
    We have to just change the way we do things. Us who have been living on farms producing our own food don’t know what you people in town complain about! If you don’t have a farm, it’s high time you find one.
    Wake up people!
    There is money in farming!
    In fact, the best place to be in a bad economy is on a farm!

    • I like your reply. Farming is the best thing to do this time. Farmers don’t know even the price of mealie meal. They are comfortably eating nutritious roller meal from maize milled from their farms.

  3. Ba Chikubabe, Your Demi God found over 2.5 million metric tons of maize when he took over office. Maize which was raised over three years. When businessmen took over power, they sold everything to DRC and now are failing even to raise 500 thousand tons. Have shame.


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