IG has been at centre stage of killing PF – Mundubile



Tuesday, 19 December 2023

Mporokoso Member of Parliament Brian Mundubile says the Inspector General of Police Graphael Musamba’s recent remarks confirm that police participated in the criminality of killing PF from the very beginning.

And Mundubile has called on the court to be pragmatic and do what is right to foster democracy.

On Thursday, Musamba said the PF seemed to be in a split situation and his officers would only deal with those who were legally in office.

But commenting on this in an interview, Monday, Mundubile said the PF faction he belonged to would not cower down just because the police had been at the centre stage of trying to perpetuate PF faction president Miles Sampa’s agenda.

“This is there for the Zambians to see that the police, from the beginning, have been there to participate in trying to k!ll the PF. It’s the same police even before that trick by Honourable Sampa happened, the Miles Sampa group had applied to hold a retreat and they were permitted when the PF had applied to hold the rally, they were denied. They started allowing the Sampa group to have meetings, meet at the secretariat to demonstrate, they were given a permit. To hold the retreat, they were given a permit. But the Given Lubinda-led PF was never given the permit.

This goes to confirm that the IG has been a participant of that criminality from the beginning, before the convention,” he said.

“Before any of these shenanigans happened, he was still giving them permits but now he wants to issue a statement that he only recognises those, it goes to confirm that he has been part of the criminality from the beginning. For us in the PF, we know, we didn’t doubt that he was part of the Miles Sampa saga from the beginning and that the police have been at the centre but for us as the PF, we’ve made it very clear that we will not cower down in the face of criminality just because the police are involved. We are going to stand for what is right. Some of us members of parliament, we swore to defend the Constitution at all cost and in this particular case, we’ll stand to defend the constitution regardless of what will follow after”

And Mundubile said the courts were on trial

“So, the statements by the IG will not in any way intimidate us, we know what is right. We know that whatever they are doing is criminal since we swore to defend democracy and the constitution, we will stand to ensure that the criminality they are trying to perpetuate does not continue. My last statement really, is that our courts are on trial because the police now have even started assisting that criminal enterprise perpetuated by Sampa and his group and yet the courts are taking their time to make the ruling.
We call upon the courts to do what is right.
in times like this, professionalism should be at the helm of our democracy. We expect the court to do what we call judicial pragmatism, judicial activism where the courts above do that which is right to foster democracy,” said Mundubile.

“With all that is happening, with all the IG is doing, the courts are on trial not only to deliver justice but to deliver justice on time and that’s what we ask. We must be a transformational constitutionalism.
We must be a transformational democracy. In this particular, case for our democracy to thrive, courts have to take a centre stage. We call upon the courts to be pragmatic. We want to have judicial activism. This is where the courts do not look at the ruling elites but they look at the law in order to settle troubled cases and be able to drive this country forward. It is a call on the courts”

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