Ikelenge Witch Doctor Nabbed By Police After Refusal To Turn Wife And Lover back Into Humans



By Jackson Mwewa Chabala Junior

A man and married woman allegedly believed to have been caught in the very act of the immortal sin were instantly turned into ugly gray goats which continued to produce the mmeeeeeeh sound until neighbors got concerned.

A man identified as Chikuni Mark, a 47 year witch doctor from Nyakaseya village of the Ikelenge district was in the early hours of the morning today nabbed by the police after his wife’s family reported is inhumane act against his wife, Mable Mwangala, 28.

Mr. Chipose on 5th September, coming back from the shrine at Nyakaseya village found smoke coming out of the pot which was placed on the brazier, when he walked close with his shrine weapons in the bag hanging on the neck, he noticed that the beans on the brazier had turned black.

He called his wife but there was no answer because her mind, body and soul were in a fairy world, her hands locked on the back of a childhood friend.

Mr. Chipose got the pot off the brazier and walked into the house, immediately his first step made way into the house, his ears were greeted by funny sounds coming from the bedroom.

The funny sounds forced him to accelerate his pace, in no time, he was at the door way to the bedroom. His wife was in the holy of holies, her excitement was not different from a rat making way into a groundnut sack.

The two came to realize that Mr. Chipose was in when he punched the man that was riding on the Iron horse he had never serviced even for a day on the nape.

Before they could get to their clothes, Mr. Chipose had already gotten his charm from the bag and was chanting incantations.

In seconds, the two lovers turned into gray goats, the wife was identifiable because of her forehead and oval shaped head. The continued noise by goats forced the witchdoctor to run when he failed to tie them.

Neighbors who saw him running away became suspicious, and when they walked into the house found two goats standing on the bed with clothes scattered on the floor. Knowing he is a powerful witch doctor they were sure this was the wife and boyfriend.

Meanwhile, the police who were in company of the woman’s family and neighbors today nabbed Mr. Chipose for his refusal to turn the lovers back into humans. Mr. Chipose will be appearing in court soon.


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