I’ll make sure I fight to recover my properties that have been seized by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) because I worked hard for them, embattled Kabushi Member of Parliament, Bowman Lusambo, has said.

Mr Lusambo, who is currently out of the country, said in an interview, he was shocked that the investigative wings had continued to persecute him for no apparent reason.

He said he was currently out of the country for medical checkups and that his lawyers had written to the ACC on when he would avail himself but that they had remained mute over the matter. – Daily Nation


    • Lusambo is on the run with his family. He knows both him and corrupt wife are facing jail which is where they belong really!
      You wonder who will be looking after the twins named ominously after Edgar and Esther!
      Their namesakes remain candidates for Jele too and could join Lusambo soon.
      The whole PF episode will end up in tears… let’s wait and see.
      I cant imagine Lusambo, wife and children on foreign holiday when schools are not closed!!
      No, the thieves are on the run; but will come back as they run out of stolen money!

  1. Out of the country could mean just outside Mufulira in Mokambo. Whatever the case, he’s hiding from the LEAs. We do not disagree that he worked hard to acquire the properties; toiled day and night stealing from the Zambian people. We now know why he cried upon learning his boss ECL had been ejected from power.

  2. Eweh ba lusambo, you are being investigated because you are:
    A thug
    A criminal
    A conman
    A cheating husband
    A kolweh
    You talk as though you are innocent, did you not say that you will be sleeping in your “stolen” house tonight.
    Run lusambo run , but you can’t hide

  3. Fine. Fight and if you are innocent, you will get your property back. Just let your mind know that the fight is not going to be waged by wearing the diehard blue overalls and flexing muscles while surrounded by your NATO forces hoodlums, No. This one requires your head .

    Don’t just say for no apparent reason. Come back and go to court. The reason shall be made apparent to you and the public there at court. Ask malanji, and Lubinda, they have now known that shouting in the dark disparaging the law enforcement agencies is not gonna take them anywhere.

    Ask yourself, has all the money you have legally earned, without spending anything on anything and anyone in your entire life so far, added up to $3 million dollars you said you used to build your empire Mr hardworking lusambo?

    Even without adding the donated cash, truckloads of unga in kaunda square, you still had $3 million dollars to spend on the structures lusambo?

    I wish you all the best

  4. No coordination between the brain and the mouth. This disease is common in apes. Kikikikiki. I slept in my house which they seized but I am out of the Country. Kabiye ku sukulu awe ine ndefwaya ukutola amasuku. Illiteracy + primitivity = Cimbwi.


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