Shots Fired!

I’ll Protest Naked at ECZ Gates – Simataa Gives Nshindano 7 Days Ultimatum!
By CIC Reporter | 11 Nov 2020 | Lusaka

UPND firebrand Kamwala Ward 5 aspiring councillor Mainda Simataa has given ECZ Chief Elections Officer Patrick Nshindano and his rotten commission 7 days to extend the voter registration period by not less than 90 days, and also increase centre manpower, failure to which he will stage a naked demo in protest against a “Shambolic Voter Registration excercise”.

“ECZ is deliberately frustrating Zambians and depriving them of the right to vote. Nobody needs to be told that this is an election strategy hatched by the PF using ECZ to minimize UPND votes, while maximizing PF votes so that Lungu can continue to rule forever” said Simataa.

And Simataa who is also UPND Kabwata Constituency Information and Publicity Secretary has called on citizens, all political stakeholders and aspiring candidates to challenge ECZ before ECZ robs them of the change everyone desperately nedds in 2021.

“We must protect the people’s constitutional right to vote at all costs – even jail is a small price to pay compared to what Zambians will suffer for another 5 or 10 years if PF is allowed to sneak back into power using the ECZ window”.

Simataa has made 6 SIX KEY DEMANDS in a letter submitted to ECZ this morning and copied to us below.

Let us know, how’s been your experience been so far with the voter registration excercise, is demonstrating naked at ECZ the solution?


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