“I’m heartbroken like everyone else,” – DJ Sbu denies swindling Zahara

The late award-winning singer/songwriter Zahara with her former record label boss Sbusiso 'DJ Sbu’ Leope. Picture: Instagram

South African media personality and musician DJ Sbu has denied swindling musician Zahara of her earnings while she was working under him at TS Records, saying that while people might feel the need to blame him, he is not responsible for her death and is just grieving her passing like everyone else.

Sbu, alongside TS co-founder TK Nciza, have found themselves on the wrong side of social media criticism over the last few days, with many blaming them for Zahara’s struggles.

The musician had in the past alleged that TS did not look after her best interests, but had taken advantage of her instead.

In an interview with a South African television news station, Sbu said he was devastated at Zahara’s death.

“I found out yesterday just like everybody else, I was shocked as well. I’m heartbroken like everyone else,” said DJ Sbu, whose real name is Sbusiso Leope.

DJ Sbu said he did not mind shouldering the blame that was being put on him following the death of one of one of Mzansi’s most beloved songbirds.

“Just like how you do in African customs and traditions you go and pay your respects at her family home. Despite what is out there in the public. People might be mad and might want to find somebody to blame.

“A lot of people are saying I’m to blame. Even though I am not, having worked in the public eye for so long I understand. It’s okay, let’s be angry, let’s be sad. Let’s mourn.

“I’m also grieving, but as much as I’m grieving, you’ll also get a lot of people saying certain messages on social media, and that’s fine. As a bigger brother I will take all your cries, all your messages. I understand you are angry,” he said.

Sbu also said that Zahara’s royalties were being paid directly to her.

“We made sure she owns her own publishing, which she does with Sheer Publishing. Sheer pays her publishing directly into her bank account and they have done so ever since we have been working together.

“Also, with our current people who distribute our music catalog, Universal Music, we decided to have Universal pay her directly. I would never do wrong anything to anybody. The only thing I’ve ever done was to contribute and help her succeed,” he said.


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