I’M NOT A SMALL BOY TO BE PUSHED AROUND, CHARGES UPND’S CHIKOTA … I’ll have my day to speak with the public

By Patson Chilemba

I have got my day to speak to the public, I am not a small boy to be pushed around, says Mwense council chairman and UPND deputy national youth chairperson Stephen Chikota.

Chikote who was recently detained in police custody over the sugilite scam, where he also unleashed tribal venon together with his co-accused saying those who were accused from Southern and Western province were released while failing to arrest the commissioner of police and Luapula Province minister Derrick Chilundika for allegedly being involved in the sugilite scam.

Vice-President Mutale Nalumango indicated that some disciplinary measures will be taken by the party over the tribal remarks by Chikota, when responding to Pambashe member of parliament Ronald Chitotela.

But Chikota said journalists must be focused on the issue which sent him into police custody and should not allow attention to be diverted from the Sugilite issue.

“The bottom line is even you journalists can you up your game. Can you be real journalists. The issue which was addressed in parliament it has become a big issue. There is the bigger issue of sugilite. Can you dig deeper? Let’s not divert the attention … you want to divert my attention to a two seconds video clip. You are forgetting about the whole issue,” Chikota said to Daily Revelation. “Ask me questions to do with sugilite … was I arrested because of my tribal remarks? What you should have asked me was you brought these allegations, are they true or not about the people involved.”

Chikota continued: “You know, people should not get offended about what is trending on social media. I have got my day to speak to the public. I am not a small boy to be pushed around.”

He said whatever he uttered “he owned those words and should not be pushed to comment on what is happening on social media.”

On the Vice-President’s remarks in parliament today, Chikota said he would not object to what the Vice-President said.

“I am not trying to say I don’t regret neither am I saying I have regretted. Unfortunately it’s an organisation that has got procedures just as she indicated in parliament. And myself and the people must respect whatever the party will decide,” he said.

He demanded that people must be investigated before being arrested.

Chikota further dismissed Edith Nawakwi’s attacks on him that weak men always bring in the tribe to run away from wrongdoing, saying she is a failed politician.

“Let her go and mourn the husband,” said Chikota



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