I’m shocked by the racist rants exhibited by the UPND senior leaders- Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba


By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba
Racism by the UPND

I’m shocked by the racist rants exhibited by the UPND senior leaders in their remarks and commentary about the attacks meted out on Victor Kapungwe (Mr. Ground) and James Chama also known as Nkonge Musubilwa.(Chama Amelika).

Zambia is a multiparty, multi-tribal, multi-ethnic and multi-racial society and evoking racial attacks against the race of indians is totally unacceptable.

The racial attacks on Rizwan Patel, a Patriotic Front leader based in Petauke, has also been repeated by State House social-media page; Koswe.

Rizwan Patel was not at the scene of the violent attack and was not involved in this matter.

Rizwan is unfairly being targeted because he is an uncompromising Patriotic Front leader in Eastern Province.

The physical attacks on these two; Kapungwe and Chama remains unacceptable despite their criminal defamation and terrible hate speech, against their political opponents.

The UPND has sunk to their well-known low bar of tribalism and racial discrimination as seen in this case.

Is there any sensible leader in the UPND who will stop this perversion of politics?


  1. I think sometimes its better to say nothing if you have nothing sensible to say. Some comments are from a well educated and respected gentleman like Mwamba, are merely showing the level of low thinking. At ba publicity with full of propaganda

  2. So this pfool mwamba thinks his dull postings Zambians will fall for. You come up with sime srupid post and say its UPND, what the idiot. The police made an official statement they are looking for this foolish thug among 8 others and you think you will turn around. Mwanyala, the same way you’ve been trying ati state sponsored Miles faction. Stupid pfidiots!!!!

    • I am just thinking loudly. My friend, Sibeso is from Mongu. Supposing she does something funny and I tell her ” don’t behave as if you are in Mongu” . Would this qualify as tribalism?
      I need some lecture so that I don’t make this mistake

  3. Mwamba, i had some respect for you and i thought i was seeing wizdom in you kanshi i was wrong ”uli chipushi ichabula inseke”. So, what this boy did is right according to your idiotic flater aai. There is no recism in these statements. Dont create something from northing

  4. Mwamba needs serious medulla oblongata check up. How can he claim to know whether or not the rat eating idiot of Indian origin wasn’t at the crime scene when eye witnesses allege to have seen the idiot and took note of the car registration number?

    Biased political lenses cannot erase the rotten record of violence which the stupid idiots especially in Lungu’s PF are known for. That is the trade mark of these idiots in addition to stealing, looting, plundering, gassing and murdering of innocent Zambians STUPID IDIOTS.

    • By the way, what should have shocked you if you are normal were and are the levels of tribalism remarks and the plunder of the abnormal borrowed loans that have lined up the pockets of all the idiots who masqueraded as leaders only to become responsible for the present state of affairs in the nation. STUPID IDIOT. Go to Chainama for brain check up that’s if there is one in that empty skull.


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