I’m still speaking for the voiceless while in government – Pilato


I’m still speaking for the voiceless while in government – Pilato

CHAMA Fumba, better known by his stage name Pilato, has addressed public concerns regarding his silence on social issues since assuming the position of permanent secretary in the Ministry of Youth, Sport, and Art.

Pilato, a musician with a history of addressing governance and social issues through his music, has faced criticism for seemingly abandoning his role as a voice for the voiceless.

However, in a recent appearance on Diamond TV’s “This Day,” Pilato disputed this notion.

He argued that his new position allows him to tackle the same issues from a different perspective, with greater access to resources and the ability to directly enact change.

Pilato acknowledged the commentary on social media of him not really being the voice of the voiceless and appreciated the sentiments, stating those criticising were doing so out of love and respect they had for the work he used to do.

“Yeah I have seen a lot of commentary in that line. But democracy is not just the ability to articulate problems it’s also an opportunity for people to compete in articulating solutions to problems.”

He even challenged young people to be courageous enough to accept that after identifying the problem, the next phase is to find a solution to the problem identified.

“As an activist and artiste my job was to articulate the problem and I did articulate my problems in that fashion because there was no platform for some of us to share what we thought could be solutions to the problems,” stated Pilato

Pilato said currently, with his position, he has the opportunity to demonstrate the commitment to the ideals that he stands for.

“The ideals that I spoke and defended,” he added.

“This is an opportunity for me to say I believe in this and this is how things should be done.”

By Catherine Pule



  1. Mr. Fumba is behaving as he is required to as a civil servant. He is no longer an activist and we should accept the new reality. If we want him to continue as an activist, then he must resign his position as a PS. The two are mutually exclusive.

    He has behaved more honourably than Mr. Thabo Kawana who comes out more of a UPND spokesman than a Ministry of Information PS.

  2. Koswe mumpoto anapeza nchito. That’s it is done in Zambia, become a vuvuzela and once you secure a job, you keep quiet. His noise was an application for a job period.


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