MAFINGA PF MP Robert Chabinga

I’M THE CHIEF REBEL IN PF – PF MP CHABINGA … dislodging HH in 2026 very difficult at the trajectory we are moving with CDF

Mafinga member of Parliament (PF) Robert Chabinga has boasted that he is the chief rebel in PF rebel, warning that former president Edgar Lungu will just bring embarrassment upon himself should he attempt to contest another election in this country.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Chabinga said he fully agrees with his fellow PF member of parliament Davison Mung’andu (Chama-South) that those who can’t survive on their own are going to president Lungu to tell him that he should come back to lead PF.

“They want personal gains. Their interest is on personal gains. They are not looking at the bigger picture. And my advice I think some few days ago I did mention that with due respect president Edgar Chagwa Lungu he should not succumb to that,” Chabinga said, saying he must rest and retire to be a statesman.

He said the people that are going to Lungu to tell him to stand just want his money, and that in this country the history was that when one has served as head of state they can’t come back, saying Dr Kenneth Kaunda and Rupiah Banda failed in their own attempts to come back.

Chabinga said president Lungu should be someone people go to for advice, and that the only thing he must be receiving people for is to get advice and not for him “to say he must bounce back.”

“The President must remember that the same people cheated him that the ground is fertile and… http://dailyrevelationzambia.com/im-the-chief-rebel-in-pf-pf-mp-chabinga-dislodging-hh-in-2026-very-difficult-at-the-trajectory-we-are-moving-with-cdf


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