Dr. Fred M'membe


Mr Hakainde Hichilema wants to reduce the numbers of PF MP´s so that he can achieve a two thirds majority in parliament, which he failed to get during a normal election in august 2021.

Mr Miles Sampa has no capacity to cause the confusion in the PF, expelling members and causing all sorts of mayhem without the support of Hichilema.

If he is allowed to reduce the number of MP´s from the opposition, Mr Hichilema will then scrap the 50+ 1 in favour of a simple majority to avoid an election rerun. He will also scrap the running mate so that he can have his own vice President but most of all he wants to extend his office life as President from the current five years to 7 years while turning Zambia into a single party state.

Even if we differed in the past, or we had accused each other of witchcraft lets put all that behind and fight to safeguard our democracy and our constitution. Zambia is much bigger than Mr Hichilema lets fight for whats right.

Dr Fred M’membe
President of Socialist Party


  1. There are no imingalato anywhere, you are the only seeing them. There is now dignity and order in Parliament since the suspension of those unruly MPs and the working MPs are enjoying the debates there. UPND does not control Legislature or Parliament, neither does it control PF or any other party like your SP. So whatever happens or happened in PF is purely PF matter and has nothing to do with UPND. Those changes you are talking about are just your own imaginations just as you did with a five point plan for HH to stay in power at all cost. Are you not ashamed of heaping unfounded allegations on someone everyday? Are those what you call checks and balances? The Government put it clear that only none contentious issues can be amended but the 7 year term and the removal of 50+1 you are talking about are contentious issues and they would require a Constitutional making process to be followed in the of a Constitutional Review Commission, a Referendum or both. Please stop misleading the people moreover, UPND is not as power hungry as you are in PF and SP.

  2. Afuledi seems to be gaining revised momentum now that he has acquired another side chick zumani. Shuwa2 akose there is competition in team fuledi yakumbuyo!! Always ni HH7 wants to change mfyo. Even when ot is clear for UPND to 75% in Parliament, it needs almost 40 seats which cannot happen


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