IMPERIALISTS ARE SILENT ON HICHILEMA’S BRUTALITY… but they will dump him like a doormat when he’s no longer of use to them – KABIMBA


IMPERIALISTS ARE SILENT ON HICHILEMA’S BRUTALITY – KABIMBA … but they will dump him like a doormat when he’s no longer of use to them

Economic Front (EF) leader Wynter Kabimba says the silence from “imperialists” on the brutality President Hakainde Hichilema is visiting on opposition figures is worrying, saying they cannot speak now as their interests are being served but will dump him like a doormat when he is no longer of use to them.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Kabimba said while he encourages investigations against alleged criminal offences, the brutality of the police on the opposition figures has the blessings of the President.

He said there is a difference between pursuing suspects and wrong doers against perpetuating brutality against suspects as the law provides civil liberties of innocence until proven guilty by the courts of law, arguing that the fact police were becoming prosecutors and judges, coupled with the silence from the President gave the impression that he agreeable to the brutal culture emanating in this country.

Kabimba described what President Hichilema says during press conferences and other public appearances about respecting human rights as just pep-talk as he does not mean what he claims.

He said if he truly Hichilema meant what he says he would have fired the Inspector General of police, saying those in the opposition perceive the state of affairs as acts of a government that is cultivating a culture of impunity against the opposition.

Kabimba deplored the worrying silence from especially those from the western world who sing “human rights, democracy”.

“What you are seeing now is not because imperialists are friends with HH, it’s because he’s protecting their interests. As long as they feel their…


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