In 2002 Edgar Lungu Was Our UPND Member And Michael Sata was PF President So Am Wondering How Can Mr Lungu’s Print Out State Him As President- Hon Jack Mwiimbu


      • If there are people who should be embarrassed are crooked HH and his team. The print out must have been an edit by the under pressure registrar. She realised presenting a corrupt and illegal document to high court is high contempt and would face jail sooner or later. So she had to present a document that followed the constitution’s guide. Unfortunately they must have deleted the 2016 one and only had a the first PF document. In her confused state she forgot to edit the years.

        Am truly ashamed of Muimbu, him being a seasoned lawyer must have been guiding his ignorant cows on how to navigate through the constitutional lacunaes if they’re to avoid jailing in future.

        • Iwe 2.8…… No one will jail Mwiimbu and others. PF like crooked things and they had to eat their medicine….!! Miles Samoa Documents were there. Why did she decide to create her own?

      • No you can’t ask that question to pf ask the the keeper records ,that office has not been updating documents and why the whole minister commenting on this issue

  1. Now things are going from bad to worse for the Lubinda faction..Here is a serious case of forgery and submitting false documents. Now the Registrar of Societies became entangled in the PF confusion.

  2. Can information held on a government database be altered any time by one person? Then there’s a serious problem irrespective of the current back and forth in the control of the PF.

  3. It’s Upnd full of criminals and they will soon pay heavily for their crookedness. Instead ruling the country they have failed and are now concentrating on creating enemies. Where is Upnd going to get votes from in next elections because citizens are too irritated with their lies, crookedness, hate for people from the north and east, too much government deals, no respect for the country’s constitution etc. For example ZNS and Prisons selling so called cheaper mealie is not sustainable, it is being done at the cost the tax payer because that’s not the mandate of this institutions, at the same time killing the the milling industry. Which economist thinks like that. As christians we are praying day and night for these dictators to be removed! Amen! Mwimbu is a very old person to be coming up with cooked information. If Lungu was Upnd in 2002 then what! Is that going to make the economy better? People are sleeping hungry. Anyway, the God of Abraham is working very hard as Hichilema and Upnd are busy de-campagning themselves! God bless all the morally upright Zambians! Amen

  4. Lungu thives where there’s lawlessness. That’s the only way he can win. Remember the 2014 imingalato on Sampa? What he calls imingalato is actually lawlessness. He can5 survive where there’s rule of law. If you remember very well PF having created Caderism used to say no one can end caderism which they had created! Now with ECL coming back. They want to revive it and bring back lawlessness. They have been deliberately breaking the laws and after seeing that they always get police bond or bail, they think it is a right given and that their is no descreation by the presiding officers. The law or standing order should change for those abusing police bond and bail from send offenders to be remanded in costudy until the case is finalised. This can be decided in court by demonstrating the offender has outstanding cases before court, but continues to commit similar or more serious crimes than the one he was bonded for or was given police bond for. The country needs to move from these criminal minded elements


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