In a scale of 10 we have delivered seven – President Hichilema


In a scale of 10 we have delivered seven – Hichilema

President Hakainde Hichilema says out of a scale of ten, the UPND government has delivered seven in terms of actualizing their manifesto in just two and a half years.

Speaking yesterday during the opening of the Anderson Kambela Mazoka House in Lusaka, the new UPND headquarters, President Hichilema said the govern will do greater things than what they even promised in their next term.

Upon the achievements attained in two and a half years, The Head of State wondered how the opposition where calling for an early election citing that they had failed.

“I even forget the list (of accomplishmens), it is too long and today someone says, nabafilwa bafumemo,(they have failed they should come out of government) we want an early election.”

“Mufuna tichite chani (what do you want us to do) na (with) early elections? Weo unali na ten years (You the PF had 10 years).”

President Hakainde Hichilema highlighted the strides made since 2021 and scored the government seven out of ten within the space of time.

“Out of a list of maybe 10 things, a scale of 10, we have already delivered seven in two and a half years. And we still have two and a half years in the first term.”

“When we get into our second term we will be doing new things which we never even talked about, like employing all the volunteers,” added President Hichilema.

He focused on his administration’s work and achievements, urging judgment based on results after his first five years in office.

Meanwhile President Hichilema urged the party to use the secretariet to mobilise and serve the people.

Hichilema acknowledged the UPND’s long and often brutal history, highlighting the sacrifices made by members and leaders like party founder Mazoka.

He emphasized the importance of remembering history and learning from it, criticizing attempts to silence or manipulate narratives.

The Head of State noted that the new headquarters servd as a symbol of the party’s resilience and commitment to its democratic ideals.

Thefore, Hichilema emphasized the importance of institutionalizing the party beyond individual leaders so that it could outlive the tenure of leaders such as him and Mazoka.

The President also mentioned plans to establish provincial offices across Zambia by April 2024.

He expressed the party’s readiness for future elections and alliances and was confident in its growth and connection with the people.

Further more, President Hichilema defended his record on democratic space, contrasting it with past restrictions faced by the UPND.

He challenged claims of a shrinking democratic space, citing free campaigning and expression allowed in recent by-elections

By Moses Makwaya



  1. No Upnd member is brave enough to tell Mr. Hichilema the truth. Zambians are going through the waist suffering they have never gone through since independence. May be he meant on the number line -7 out of +10.

  2. Have you ever heard of a student rating himself? Is it not the teacher who does so? In the case of Hichilema, is it not the Zambia people, his masters, who are supposed to rate his performance? Ba Hichilema bena niba busuma kuyeba.


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