In Defense of Professionalism: Unjust Termination of Brian Mwale’s Contract at ZEMA


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For Immediate Release

In Defense of Professionalism: Unjust Termination of Brian Mwale’s Contract at ZEMA

Lusaka 29th January, 2024. As Astro Television, we feel compelled to address the recent unjust termination of Brian Mwale’s contract as the Head of Corporate Affairs at the Zambia Environment Management Agency (ZEMA). This decision raises serious concerns about the potential politicization of key positions and undermines the principles of professionalism and fairness.

We have had the privilege of working alongside Brian Mwale since our time at Muvi Television in 2008. Throughout his more than 11 years as a journalist with the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC), Brian has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to journalistic integrity, impartiality, and ethical reporting. His dedication to delivering unbiased news has earned him a reputation as one of the most apolitical journalists in Zambia.

Brian’s impeccable qualifications and professional conduct make him an asset to any organization. His wealth of experience, earned through years of diligent reporting, speaks volumes about his dedication to the field. This recent decision to terminate his contract on allegations of political affiliations is not only unfounded but also risks tarnishing the public image of the New Dawn Government.

It is crucial to emphasize that decisions of this nature can have broader implications, especially when it comes to public perception. The termination of Brian’s contract without concrete evidence of political bias sends a message that competent professionals may face unwarranted consequences based on mere allegations. This is not the image any government should aspire to portray.

Astro Television, under my leadership, stands firmly behind journalists like Brian Mwale who adhere to the highest standards of journalism. We believe in the importance of defending the rights of qualified, competent, and professional journalists, free from unwarranted political interference. The media plays a vital role in a democratic society, and it is our responsibility to safeguard its independence.

I urge the authorities at ZEMA to reconsider their decision and reinstate Brian Mwale’s contract based on merit and his proven track record. This action is not only a matter of justice for an individual but also a critical step in preserving the credibility and integrity of our institutions. Let us collectively work towards a Zambia where professionalism triumphs over baseless accusations, and where the media remains a cornerstone of democracy.


Lucky Cheelo Munakampe
Chief Executive Officer
Astrorix Television Limited


  1. This is happening everyday in Zambia. I know this first hand and have insider information, the CEO positions for ZICTA, RDA and RATSA were advertised and very qualified zambians with international experience from reputable organizations applied. Merit was not followed. These expirienced applicants were not acknowledged let alone interviewed. Their CVs were more or less thrown in the dust bins.
    The current office bearers have a fraction of educational qualifications and experience compared to some who applied.


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