By CIC Intelligence.


Talks have reached advanced level to ensure that one of the presidential candidate withdraws and trigger s Constitutional button to delay the election without having a public reaction.

They have started with wards and Parliamentary levels to avoid PF losing to the opposition now the big one to change the whole story of the 2021 elections is on the horizon.

“The only way to block HH is to remove or replace President Edgar Lungu from the race or buy him more time to put things right. It is still in incubation who gets it and protects PFs interests? Those are things on the table right now” sources told CIC Lizards investigators in Lusaka.

“Of all Candidates Harry Kalaba stands out best to secure PFs intersts among them all as he receives great favors among other presidential party leaders.” Sources told CIC Lizards.

On the floor only a well reasonable people with PF roots and assurance to protect PFs current interests are to be crowned.

“PF can’t win HH in a clean election they will lose terribly therefore a call to assemble all presidential candidates with an intention to withdraw is on going.

Dr Fred M’Membe has the capacity and capability but has trust issues from within PF who feels he wants to get back at Lungu over his post newspaper however he is viewed as the best counter attacker towards UPND’s HH.

“All we can confirm is that a presidential alliance to prevent UPND is on the UPND must look out” warns the sources.

Among the candidates in talks are as follows
1. Socialist Party (SP)
2. People’s Alliance for Change (PAC).
3. Third Liberation Movement Party (TLM)
4. Democratic Party (DP)
5. New Heritage Party (NHP)
6. Party of National National Unity and Progress (PNUP)
7. United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ)
8. Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)
9. National Restoration Party (NAREP)
10. Zambia United for sustainable Development (ZUSD).

However the candidate to withdraw has been found but who to take over is currently the headache difficult to come to a conclusion.

One key requirement is to protect both Lungu and the entire PF interests should such a one wins. However deep PF insider are having a skeptical oversight to instead just delay the election and maintain the same current PF leader (Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu) but odds and intelligence have warned Lungu is currently unpopular candidate for PF therefore other than violence he can’t win. On the violence aspect a security risk is also a factor because people seems determined to defend UPND more than UPND itself something that can cause chain reaction of violence therefore a risk decision to be taken and change the mindset of Zambians with someone blameless and easy to sell this is where Harry Kalaba is coming in.

“All candidates must meet and agree the way forward if Lungu was to step down who could stir PF up and they all support him to win” 🦎 Lizards told.



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