Simataa Simataa
Simataa Simataa

Simataa Simataa Wrote;

Those posting CK or GBM recording are :

Firstly campaigning for ECL and PF. Imagine if he was vengeful, a tyrant or unforgiving would GBM or CK been accepted back? Thanks for highlighting ECL/PF’s good leadership.

Secondly this also shows how gullible your party is. If I insult ECL/PF I am welcome with cheers and clapping of hands. What did I come to offer to your party and later Zambia? insults?

Thirdly you platform is based on a fallacy because GBM and CK have returned and working.

Forthly he who repeats a matter divides friends. So you party has nothing to offer but insults, innuendos, insinuations, allegations etc – 1990-1 MMD reborn only to give us the mess that followed. You expect to win by peddlings this. No platform. You too will ruin Zambia.

Re- think your strategy.
Me and Big Mouth

Simataa Simataa


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