Indian actress asks women to raise awareness against deepfake

Rashmika Mandanna had described a viral deepfake video of herself as extremely scary

Indian actress Rashmika Mandanna recently asked people not to share deepfake videos after she was targeted with one.

She encouraged young women to speak out if someone bullies them with that kind of stuff.

Ms Mandanna posted the message a few weeks after a fake video of her spread quickly on social media.

The star’s picture was changed to replace the face of a British-Indian woman in an Instagram video.

She said the incident was “very scary” back then.

On Monday, the 27-year-old actress said that the support she received from people in the movie industry made her realize that sharing videos like that should not be considered normal.

“It made me feel protected and confident,” she said to the reporters on Monday.

“I want to tell all girls that this is not normal. ” When something is bothering you, you don’t have to stay silent.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter) right after her fake video became very popular, Ms Mandanna wrote, “If this happened to me when I was in school or college, I really can’t imagine how I could handle it. ”

The actor thanked her family and friends for their support and asked for the problem to be dealt with quickly so that more people wouldn’t be harmed by identity theft.

India’s Technology Minister, Ashwini Vaishnaw, said that deepfake videos are a new danger to democracy.

Mr Vaishnaw led a meeting with social media and artificial intelligence companies where he said the government will make a plan to stop deepfakes.

The actress has acted in different languages like Hindi, Telugu, and Kannada, and has won many awards for her acting.

She will be in a new movie with actor Ranbir Kapoor called Animal. The movie is coming out on 1 December.


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