Indian man on trial for allegedly plotting murder in United States

Gurpatwant Singh Pannun is a prominent Sikh separatist leader

An Indian man who is said to have planned to kill a Sikh leader living in the US has asked the highest court in India for help with his case.

The US government has accused Nikhil Gupta of attempting to pay someone to murder Gurpatwant Singh Pannun.

Mr Gupta is in prison in Prague and is asking the court to help him get out and have a fair trial.

“The Supreme Court says the case will be heard on January 4th,” his lawyer told the media.

Rohini Musa said that Mr Gupta was arrested unfairly and they are trying to send him to the US.

“He has been ordered to be extradited. ” “We haven’t received a copy of the order,” Ms. Musa, who is speaking for Mr. Gupta’s family, told the media.

“He has already been sent to another country. ” She said we can’t find him or know where he is.

In November, prosecutors in the US accused Mr. Gupta of planning to kill at least four Sikh separatists in North America, including Mr. Pannun

They said Mr Gupta gave $100,000 in cash to someone to kill Mr Pannun in New York.

Prosecutors said the person hired to kill someone was actually working secretly for the government.

He was said to have been told what to do by an Indian government official, but the official was not named or charged in the legal document.

Mr Gupta could go to prison for up to 20 years if he is found guilty.

Mr Gupta says he was arrested by people who called themselves US agents without a warrant. He also says he hasn’t had a fair trial yet.

It also says that he was kept alone in a small room and his rights were ignored. He was made to eat beef and pork, even though it goes against his religious beliefs.

The petition says he has been unfairly treated for political reasons and wrongly accused of working with the Indian government to kill an American in the US, even though he has no ties to the country.

Mr Gupta’s family has asked the Indian government to help get him released and make sure he gets a fair trial.

They also want an Indian lawyer to help him in the Czech Republic and the US.


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