Indian naval forces board ship taken over off coast of Somalia


Indian navy soldiers got on a ship that had been taken over by pirates near Somalia, according to officials.

They are searching the ship after telling the pirates to go away, a statement said.

The 15 Indian crew members on the ship are reported to be safe.

They called for help from a UK marine agency and said that “five to six unauthorized armed people” had gotten onto the ship near the Somali port town of Eyl on Thursday evening.

A plane was sent to talk to them, and then a ship called the INS Chennai followed.

The ship, called MV Lila Norfolk, had the flag of Liberia and was going to Bahrain before it was hijacked.

The crew had told the UKMTO that they were hiding in a safe room on the ship to stay safe from pirates or other dangerous situations.

Recent occasional attacks on ships near Somalia’s coast have made people worried that piracy might be coming back in that area.

Pirate attacks were a big problem for ships from 2008-2011. Many countries sent warships to patrol the area to stop the attacks, which often started from Eyl.


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