“This week, we had the privilege to sit down and have a chat with Innocent Kalaluka AKA Smooth IK to get to know him better.”


Name: Innocent Kalaluka .
Relationship status: Married.
Chldren: 3.
Hometown: Lusaka.
Profession: Journalist.

His educational background

“I have a certificate in Marketing. I got my journalist diploma at UNZA and my journalist and mass communication degree from LIUTEBM University.”

What Are Your Hobbies? Writing, playing & watching football, watching movies, producing radio and television programs.

What is your secret to looking young? The hundred-dollar question! Lol

“I can’t place my finger on it. It’s a combination of things I’ve been doing. Firstly; I’ve been very athletic throughout my life, I’ve been playing football for a long time. I love to keep fit and I watch what I eat. I am what they call a “tit-toddler”, never drunk alcohol or smoked. Also, I’m a very happy person. I make a conscious decision to stay happy and positive. I think this is what keeps me young.”

Who Is Your Favorite Zambian Musician? The fact that I host an entertainment show makes it very difficult for me to pick one musician. I love Zambian music.

“Dennis Liwewe went to his grave without mentioning his favorite team in Zambia because he did commentary. Imagine him saying his favorite team is Nkana and they are playing Roan United, how would he have said they are not playing well? It would be suspicious.”

What Is Your Favorite Local Production? Again, same response. I love Zambian productions.

What Motivates You To Work So Hard? At times I feel like I don’t work as hard. I chose a profession I am passionate about.

“I don’t think anyone who is passionate about what they do feels like they are working. They are having fun! They say Christiano Ronaldo is the first person to get on the pitch and the last to leave the pitch. He clearly loves the game.”

Does Television Pay Well? Yes. It does pay well.

“ In the past, I did a lot of work for free. That for me was learning on the job. Now I have risen through the ranks. And when you rise, you start getting paid in and outside the job.”

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Your Career? Seeing what I envision come to fruition is fulfilling.

“Journalism is about travel and meeting people that helps you open your mind. I have had the privilege of meeting big names in Africa because of my job.”

What Is Your Proudest Accomplishment So Far? My first times are my proudest moments.

“First time I went on television, radio, produced a program and won an award. For me, the firsts were the best. Not that I don’t appreciate everything else that has come along, its always good when people recognize you for your work and say, “thank you; you’ve changed my life, I became a journalist because of you.”

What mistakes have you made in your career? How did you overcome that? A lot of them.

“I used to be a presenter on Kwacha Good morning Zambia, William Harrington I introduced so wrong! I introduced him as Minister when he was no longer a minister. That right there, is a bummer for any journalist. That’s how I knew politics wasn’t for me and I stuck to entertainment and sport. I overcame this by becoming better at things I was already good at”

People say you’ve done Smooth Talk too long, how do you handle that? I don’t handle it. I don’t care about that.

“Some people have been accountants for 20 years, who has asked you to stop being an accountant and try something else? That’s you, that’s what you do. It really doesn’t bother me. If you feel you’ve watched Smooth too long, click and watch another program. Lol Just saying, I don’t get offended by what people say.”

Tell us how much you are worth. No ways! Lol!

“Just know that I am doing fine. Thank you very much.”

Tell Us More About the other shows you do, including Smooth Talk:

“I do ‘Ticheze’, a female talk show. Interesting show about women; what they do and what excites them. It’s also good for men to watch to get a better understanding of women. I also do a comedy show called ‘Friday’ about social media and I also produce ‘Born n Bred’ which has been running for 15years. I also do a sport show called ‘Take it to the Max.’ I think that’s about all the shows I produce but also I oversee all the sports programs that are on ZNBC because I am head of sports.”

Did You Always Want To Be A TV Personality? Not in this light. It was a beautiful accident.

“I joined ZNBC in the marketing department. I wormed my way into presenting.”

What Is Your Favorite Sport? You did not just ask that question! But I will forgive you for that.

“Soccer or Football (depending on where you come from). What other sport is there???”

Who Is Your Favorite Local Football Player? I am not saying. I can’t pick sides because of my line of work.

“Zambia has produced quiet a number of great footballers over the years. I’m very proud to be Zambian.”

What Is Your Biggest Complaint About Your Job? Nothing at all.

“I love everything about broadcasting I think it’s the best job ever!”

Can Tell Us 3 Things That Have Helped Keep You Grounded? I learned very early in my career that it’s not about who I am but the job I do. That’s kept me grounded.

“It’s not about us being good at what we do, it’s the job that we do.”

What Advise Do You Have For Anyone Considering A Future In Broadcasting/Journalism

“Don’t do it because you like a person or fame, do it because you feel there is something you can contribute to the industry and also because you are passionate about it. Any advice without this would be futile.”

That is all we packaged for you this week. Look out for another interesting personality next week.

The Speech Analyst


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