Sakwiba Sikota


By: Senior Counsel Sakwiba Sikota

Someone in authority and in charge of security and maintenance of law and order in the country such as the Inspector General is believed and taken seriously, not only by ordinary citizens but even international lenders, investors and other intelligence services around the world.

Under our Zambian Constitution all people have the Right to Liberty, Conscience, expression, movement, assembly and association. All these have been severely curtailed not only in the past but even today.

The fact that they may have been curtailed in the past is no justification or free pass to continue to do so. With a new dawn we expect greater and better heights. After all this is the promise we were given prior to the August 2021 elections.

Stating that the previous administration infringed on these rights more than the current administration is not an argument supporting that we should not worry or care about current infringements. It would be like the headmaster of a kindergarten school going before a judge charged with rape of a minor saying that he should not be taken to task because the previous headmaster had raped dozens of minors unlike the current headmaster who had done less.

Of course there are what are called derogations which allow for exemption or relaxation of the following of the rights given to us under the Constitution if it is reasonably required “in the interests of defence, public safety, public order, public morality or public health.”

Zambia Police say, since UPND came into power in August 2021, in the interest of Defence, public safety or public order, they have been stopping meetings, rallies, assemblies (even Church assemblies) visits to markets, travel abroad and memorials.

The reasons given have been variously either ‘Lack of Manpower’ or ‘Security Concerns’. Musamba and Zambia Police messaging to the world is that the security situation in Zambia has been difficult since August 2021.

Inspector General of Police Graphel Musamba has been sending out frightening messages that the security situation in Zambia is of concern. I am sure this is being noted by our creditors and potential investors.

Musamba owes a duty to the country and the world to state why he and the Zambia Police have been failing to bring these “security concerns” under control so that Zambians can enjoy the freedoms of assembly given to them under the Constitution.

The latest incident was with the Socialist Party’s planned mass rally in Mandevu which was set for 16th December 2023.

The security situation in Zambia it would appear is so volatile that even a former Head of State attending a Church service or going to a public market cannot be allowed.

As for having memorials for past leaders who have left us; this is totally out of the question and will not be allowed. Press conferences are also put in the same category as memorials and can never be entertained. They, according to Musamba, are a grave danger to our country’s stability and peace.

Inspector General Musamba has said that he has information that the PF are planning to cause trouble in Zambia. Musamba specifically stated that PF and it’s leaders are fermenting trouble and agitating for a rebellion.

It appears that PF is so sophisticated that the entire Inspector General who has the state intelligence system that he can fall back on, is totally incapable of stopping the burning down of the country.

OF Vice President Given Lubinda has challenged Musamba to arrest him and other PF leaders if indeed the Inspector General truly has facts to support claim that there is an ongoing plot to ferment trouble and agitation for rebellion.

I am told that if what Musamba claimed is not true and no action is taken by the Inspector General, Lubinda is considering beginning private prosecution of Musamba for the offense of dissemination of false information likely to cause fear and alarm to the public or to disturb the public peace. This is the shadow hanging over Musamba.

The outside world and would be investors are being told by the police actions and statements that the security situation in Zambia is so volatile that whilst Zambia is burning, taking a leaf from Nero’s antics centuries ago in Rome, Musamba is playing the fiddle in the shadow of criminal charges.


  1. Sakwiba Sikota still crying foul! You will never be president in your life boy; just chill. That bitterness will eat you inside.
    Youre playing the devil’s advocate in the pocket game. We know you’re broke and discontent at the moment and busy looking for your next victim as client. To you, the PF cadres are the perfect prime for your mischief and you think you can win their hearts.
    You’ll struggle to find anyone credible to trust you Sakwiba and that’s the truth. Even Lungu doesn’t and he knows you will take advantage of him especially that he is now broke. Do it for probono if you have balls Sakwiba.


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