Mutotwe Kafwaya

INSTITUTIONALISED PROPAGANDA AGAINST CITIZENS. The case of MoF&ND and Auditor General Victimization.


By Mutotwe Kafwaya

I knew it was victimization.

With the passage of time everyone is getting to know that. It is becoming more and more clear that it was and still is victimization.

There should come point when a narrow view of government is substituted for a broader one.

I knew Dick Sichembe would be arrested. I knew it would be for no cause but to just cleanse him out for his position to be given to that woman who engineered an illegal internal audit. It would be a replacement of ethical behavior for utter unethical behavior.

That woman got the same allowances which she ensured were not reflected in that illegal audit report. Then after all the stories she offered to pay back the allowances in order to be appointed Auditor General – filthy!

The nonsense going on at ACC is also worsening with time. How do you constitute a team from MoF to go and station itself at ACC just in order to prove that some people got allowances?

Now that ACC has all the schedules, let them go and arrest all those who got the allowances, including that person leading that illegal MoF team operating at ACC.

Save your faces by stopping the rote. Leave the people to go back to work. If you really don’t want them in your faces, in those public offices, just retire them or negotiate their way out.

You have a lot of corruption to deal with for you to be wasting time. FIC, which you also plan to destabilize like Auditor General has shown you the extent of your corruption going on. Imagine ZMW6.1 billion in suspicious transactions. And the president knows everyone who is involved. Expose them, work on them, you do have legitimate work.

A PS at Agriculture refused to give documents to auditor general to cover corruption, health is in mess, mines is in a mess, at tourism you illegally cancelled hunting concessions, a DC stole uncountable bags of mealie meal, minerals were stolen in Luapula, mukula was stolen in western etcetera. There is too much work for you to focus on cleansing.

Broaden your view of government.



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