Minister of Mines Richard Musukwa

Mines Minister Richard Musukwa said government is not interested in running Konkola Copper Mine (KCM) should all court cases be concluded in their favour but has a number of investors lining up to take over operations.

Responding to questions in Parliament on Wednesday afternoon, Mr Musukwa said government will remain with its role of providing policy on operations of the mines in the Country.

He said the delays to conclude cases have been frustrating but all stakeholders are patiently waiting for the courts to determine the conclusion.

Mr Musukwa said he is confident that cases will be concluded on time, adding that Zambia has a strong case and should matters go against it, all appeal processes will be looked at to have the matter concluded.

He said government is aware of the anxiety created by the delays to conclude the matter, adding that the welfare of the workers remains a priority.

Mr Musukwa added that the liquidation process has, however, given hope to mine workers because before then, most key mines were almost coming to a standstill. -ZR


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