Iranian diplomat alerts Israel to dangers facing its embassies after attack in Damascus


A high-ranking Iranian military leader has said that Israel’s embassies are not safe after a recent attack in Damascus that Iran blames Israel for. The attack killed 12 people, including two important Iranian generals. Troubles between countries in the Middle East might lead to a bigger fight as Israel continues to fight against Hamas for six months.

Israel has been getting ready for Iran’s response to the attack, but they have not admitted that they were involved. The comments made by General are being evaluated. Rahim Safavi said that if someone attacked a diplomatic mission, they might get the same kind of attack in return.

“Safavi, a military adviser to Iran’s supreme leader, says that none of the Israeli embassies are safe anymore. ” This was reported by the semi-official Tasnim agency.

Safavi talked at a gathering in Tehran to honor the Iranian Revolutionary Guard generals who died in the attack that destroyed an Iranian office in Damascus.

Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel is ready for any reaction.

“He said that if someone hurts us or wants to hurt us, we will hurt them back,” he said at a meeting with his advisors. “We always follow that rule, in everything we do, including lately. ”

Regional tensions increased after six months of war. The war started when Hamas militants attacked Israel from Gaza, killing 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and capturing about 250 others. Israel attacked by bombing and sending soldiers to fight on the ground. This has led to the deaths of over 33,000 Palestinians, with most of them being women and children, as reported by local health authorities.

On Sunday, Israel’s military said it was moving its troops out of the area of Khan Younis in southern Gaza. The troops were from the 98th paratroopers division. Israel has been focusing on attacking the main area where Hamas has control in recent months.

This means there are fewer Israeli soldiers in Gaza now, and people are wondering what will happen next in the war, especially for the city of Rafah in southern Gaza.

Israel says that Rafah is the last place where Hamas is strong and the war will not be finished until Hamas is defeated. However, the area is now home to about 1. 4 million people, which is more than half of Gaza’s population. The possibility of Israel starting a war has made many people around the world worried. Even the US, which is a big supporter of Israel, wants to see a good plan for keeping civilians safe.

It wasn’t clear how intense the war might become. Israel keeps soldiers in the damaged area of northern Gaza and can move them to the southern area when necessary.

People in Israel are getting more and more frustrated because the government is not doing enough to free about 130 hostages. Some people think that the government is not doing anything to help them. This has led to protests against the government.

Talks for a truce and the release of hostages were supposed to start again in Cairo on Sunday. There was a lot of pressure to make something happen soon.

“People in Gaza have been left alone by humanity,” the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies said in a statement after six months of war.

The UN and its partners are saying that more than one million people in Gaza might not have enough food soon. They are asking Israel to make it easier to deliver aid to these people. Right now, the only way to bring in enough aid is by land. Some Palestinians are even looking for weeds to eat because they don’t have enough food.

Women who have had babies in Gaza since the war started are at a greater risk.

The Gaza Health Ministry said that 38 people who died from Israel’s attacks were taken to the hospitals in the area in the last day. Hospitals got 71 injured people, it said.

The government said 33,175 people have died since the war started. The ministry doesn’t separate civilians from fighters, but it says that most of the people who died are children and women. Another 75,886 people have been injured.

Israel’s soldiers kept dying in battles. In Khan Younis, four soldiers were killed in a fight with militants.

More than 600 Israeli soldiers have died since October. The Israeli government says that 7 people, including 260 in the Gaza ground operation, have been killed.


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