“Is there ‘Chilanga Mulilo’ in Luvale Tradition?”

ANSWER: In the Luvale culture, there is no ‘chilanga mulilo’, it’s a bemba tradition. However, what’s similar to it is a tradition called ‘KUTELEKESA’ or ‘KUKWACHISA KUMAJIKO’ practiced by the Luvale people and sister tribes.

The Kutelekesa is done the following day after the wedding ceremony.


The family of the bride while singing songs of praises for the bride who has successfully bid farewell to UJIKE( been single) , carry uncooked food stuffs on top of their heads to the house of the newly weds and show their daughter how she should be cooking for his husband and also show the family of the groom what their daughter eats; like wise , the family of the groom also cook food to show their daughter in-law and her family what their son eats.

The bride while guided by her Chilombola(matron/coach) is shown how to light fire, give water to her inlaws , etc, in full view of everyone. This is to demostrate what she was taught before the wedding ceremony.

The two families then exchange food and after eating at sunset, the famlies sit the couple down and wish them well as well as tell them facts about marriage life.

Elders from both families are given an opportunity to counsel the newly Weds.

Luvale’s don’t have Chilanga Mulilo’ but we have KUTELEKESA/KUKWACHISA KUMAJIKO which is similar.

NOTE: This is an open post and you all are free to add or subtract to this piece are highly welcome for further understanding.

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