Is UNZA producing sound economists – Nakacinda


Is UNZA producing sound economists – Nakacinda

By Walusungu Lundu

THE University of Zambia (UNZA) should tell us whether President Hakainde Hichilema was attending class in economics or absconding, says PF national chairperson for information and publicity Raphael Nakacinda as he fires shots at the President over the state of the economy.

After appearing for trial in his presidential defamation case at Lusaka Magistrates’ Court yesterday, Nakacinda said he would like to know whether the highest learning institution of the land is producing sound economists or not.

“Looking at the economic situation in the country, some of us have begun to contemplate and speculate around the claim that Mr Hichilema is an economist. And since he is said to have graduated from the University of Zambia, we are throwing a challenge to UNZA,” he said. “UNZA must do two things, if not three things. The University of Zambia should tell us whether Mr Hichilema was attending class or absconding. And if he was attending class we would like to know whether really the University of Zambia is producing sound economists.”

Nakacinda said the performance of the country’s economy is not only embarrassing but has caused untold misery to citizens.

He challenged UNZA to withdraw the President’s degree.

“Because one of the reasons for which he was entrusted with the responsibility of being President is because he marketed himself as one who would manage the economy better. And looking at his performance, we throw a challenge at the University of Zambia to recall that degree because it is damaging the reputation of that institution,” claimed Nakacinda. “If not, if the products are with what the standards so far exhibited by Mr Hakainde Hichilema, they may have to close the school economics at the University of Zambia. Looking at the cost of living and near collapse…an economy that is nearly collapsing that we are witnessing as a country.”


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