Israel claims there are still 161 hostages in Gaza


Eylon Levy, a spokesperson for the Israeli government, said that there are about 161 people who are being held against their will in the Gaza Strip.

That number is made up of 146 Israelis and 15 people from other countries. There were 126 men and 35 women.

Levy said there are still four kids younger than 18 and 10 adults older than 75 being held. He doesn’t know how many of the hostages are soldiers.

“We promise to bring all the hostages home and we are determined to do so. We will not leave anyone behind,” Levy said at a press conference. He also said that if there is a good offer, they will think about extending the ceasefire to get more hostages released.

We are in the last day of the truce between Israel and Hamas, and people hope that the agreement will continue.


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