Israel demands that hostages be released during battle break


Israel has stated that it is willing to consider a pause for humanitarian reasons, but only if progress is made in addressing the issue of hostages.

Mark Regev, who works closely with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, believes that any agreement to stop the fighting should include the release of hostages.

Lyse Doucet from BBC asked Regev about Hamas saying that 60 people were killed by Israeli strikes on Gaza.

Regev says that he cannot say for sure if it’s true or not. He thinks it might just be something Hamas is saying to manipulate people’s minds.

They don’t want us to hurt them anymore, so they are saying that we are causing harm to our own people. They want us to believe something that is clearly not true.

Regev said that Israel has agreed to allow unlimited access for food, medicine, and water to enter Gaza through aid trucks.

Fuel is important because it can be used to produce electricity for hospitals, which is beneficial. However, it can also be used by Hamas to fuel their military operations, including shooting rockets at Israel.


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