Israel struck and killed three of my sons – Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh


Three sons of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh have been killed in an Israeli attack in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday according to their father. Haniyeh blamed Israel for acting out of revenge and killing.

Haniyeh said his sons died in an interview on Al Jazeera. He said they died trying to free Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Israeli army did not respond right away.

Biden has strongly supported Israel in its fight against Hamas. But recently, he has been less patient with Netanyahu and his government has been tougher on Israel. This has caused tension between the two countries and has made Israel more isolated on the world stage.

The biggest argument is about Israel’s plan to attack the southern Gaza city of Rafah. An Israeli attack last week made the separation even worse. The attack killed seven workers with the World Central Kitchen charity, most of them were from other countries. Israel said they did not mean to cause the deaths, but Biden was very angry about it.

In a recent interview, Biden talked about the differences between the US and Israel when it comes to giving help to people in Gaza. Gaza is facing a shortage of food because of the war, and more than a million people are in danger of going hungry.

“He is making a mistake. ” Biden said that he doesn’t like how Netanyahu is doing things. He thinks Netanyahu is more focused on staying in power than what’s best for Israel.

“He said in the phone interview that the criminal is driven by a desire for revenge and murder and doesn’t care about following rules or laws. ”

Ismail Haniyeh lives in Qatar, where Al Jazeera is located.

He said that the killings would not make Hamas change their mind. The two groups have been working on stopping fighting for several months.

“The enemy thinks that if they attack the families of our leaders, they will give in to what they want,” he said. “Anyone who thinks that attacking my sons will make Hamas change its mind is crazy. ”

Hamas’ TV station, Al-Aqsa, reported that Hazem, Ameer, and Mohammed Haniyeh, along with other family members, were killed in a strike close to the Shati refugee camp in Gaza City. Ismail Haniyeh comes from Shati.

The brothers and their family were in one car when an Israeli drone attacked them, according to Al-Aqsa TV. Six people died, including Hazem Haniyeh’s daughter, and Ameer’s son and daughter.

The strike happens while people from other countries are trying to help make a new agreement to stop the fighting. We didn’t know right away how the strike would affect the negotiations.

Before, Benny Gantz, an Israeli war minister, said that Hamas has lost in a fight, but he also said that Israel will keep fighting against them for many years.

“From a military standpoint, Hamas has lost. ” “Israel’s fighters have been killed or are in hiding, and their abilities are weakened,” Gantz said in a statement to the media in Sderot.

However, he said that it will take a while to fight against Hamas. Middle school boys will continue to have fights in Gaza Strip.

Gantz said that the Israeli government is committed to entering Rafah, a city in the southern part of the Gaza Strip where many people are seeking shelter. “Wherever terrorists are, the IDF will go there,” he said.

The attack happened while people in Gaza were celebrating the end of Ramadan and visiting the graves of family members who had died in the war. In the Jabaliya refugee camp near Gaza City, people were sitting quietly next to graves that were surrounded by buildings that were destroyed by Israel’s attack after Hamas’s deadly attack in October. Rewrite this text in an easy way:

“The United States is doing its own thing. ” President Joe Biden said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a mistake in handling the war in Gaza. He wants the government to give a lot of aid to the troubled area. This is putting more pressure on Israel to stop fighting and causing a bigger disagreement between the two countries.

Biden strongly supports Israel’s battle against Hamas. In the past few weeks, the president has become less patient with Netanyahu. His administration is being stricter with Israel, causing tension in their long-standing alliance and making Israel more isolated internationally because of the war.

The biggest argument is about Israel’s plan to attack the city of Rafah in Gaza. The disagreement got even worse when Israel bombed a group giving aid, killing seven workers from a charity called World Central Kitchen. Most of them were from other countries. Israel said they did not mean to cause the deaths, but Biden was very angry about it.

Biden recently said in an interview that Israel and the US disagree on giving aid to people in Gaza. The war there has led to a risk of famine for over a million people.

“He is making a mistake. ” “I don’t like the way he’s doing things,” Biden told the Spanish TV station Univision. He was asked if Netanyahu was more focused on keeping his job than on what’s best for Israel.

Israel stopped giving aid to Gaza when the war started, but because the US asked them to, they have slowly started to allow more trucks to bring aid into the area. However, aid organizations say that necessary supplies are not getting to people in need fast enough. They are pointing the finger at Israeli restrictions and pointing out that many trucks are stuck waiting to enter Gaza. Countries have tried other ways to give aid that are not as good, like dropping supplies from airplanes or delivering them by boat.

Israel has opened more ways for trucks to go into northern Gaza, which was hit hard in the war. Israel thinks that aid groups take too long to give help to people in Gaza after they bring it there.

The delivery of aid is made difficult by problems with organization and safety, especially because of the recent WCK strike.

Israel and Hamas are talking to try to make a deal to stop fighting. Hamas wants Israel to release some people they took captive on Oct 7. However, the two sides still disagree on important issues, such as whether Palestinians should be allowed to return to northern Gaza. Netanyahu’s group of top officials met on Tuesday night to talk about the hostage negotiations, but it seems like they didn’t decide anything.

Netanyahu promised to win completely by destroying Hamas’ military and government so that the Oct 7 attacks don’t happen again and the hostages can come back. He says that to win, they need to attack Rafah, which Israel says is the last big place controlled by Hamas. But more than half of the 2. 3 million people in Gaza are hiding there.

Six months after the war started, Israel is becoming more and more alone. Even its closest friends are speaking out about being unhappy with how the war is going. Turkey, a country Israel has traded with for a long time, is also taking actions that could hurt Israel’s economy to show how upset they are.

Netanyahu is being accused of doing bad things and now people want him to say what he thinks about Gaza after the war. Critics say that he is taking a long time to make a decision because he doesn’t want to upset his very patriotic partners in the government who want to move people back to the Gaza Strip. Prime Minister Netanyahu has already said he is against this idea.

Netanyahu’s partners in government also don’t want to give in to Hamas and have said they might leave the government. If they do, the ruling group would fall apart and new elections would need to happen.

Israel started the war because Hamas attacked them from another country. The militants killed 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and took about 250 people as hostages, according to Israel.

Over 33,400 Palestinians have been killed in the on-going fighting. Gaza’s Health Ministry doesn’t separate civilians and soldiers in their count, but they claim that most of the people who died were women and children. Israel claims to have killed about 12,000 fighters, but has not shown any proof.

The war has caused a big disaster for people who need help. Most of the people in the area had to leave their homes because of the fighting, and many parts of Gaza are now too damaged to live in.


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