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We listened to Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davis Mwila – on Hot FM radio today – justify the adoptions of various persons at different layers of representations. Davis claims the adoptions were premised on popularity of a particular candidate and he went further to say, in a case of Vincent Mwale, their preferred choice for Chipangali Andrew Lubusha is “VERY” popular.

There is a clear difference between words popular and famous. Yes, Andrew is famous but he is not as popular . Andrew is very famous for dishing out money to people in order to make them love him. The relationship that Andrew has with people in Chipangali is that of a master and dog. All what people know is that when they see Andrew or his minions, they see a master of money. They rush to his rallies with expectations that he will give them something to buy food. The basis of this relationship is money. Word has gone round that the sight of Andrew means you will eat; you will get mealie meal and you will have something to put on the table. This is what Davis Mwila calls very popular. But give Andrew a chance to draw people to him without dishing out the money he has borrowed from banks, you will see that he is not popular. It explains why despite that Andrew has lived in Chipata all these years; he cannot fool people there in the same manner he can fool villagers in Chipangali. Andrew hasn’t stood in Chipata Central because he has no relationship with everyone there. His behavior, his character is very questionable.

We are not be surprised that Davis doesn’t know the difference between being popular and being famous. Davis has very low IQ. What more can you expect from a person who has lost an election to a young person before? Nothing.

Even if we were to agree that PF has adopted its candidates on the premise of popularity, when you go to Copperbelt in Nkana and Kalulushi in particular, those who have been adopted there are not as popular as those who have been left out. It is not a secret that Binwell Mpundu is extremely popular in Nkana than Alexander Chiteme whom Davis wants to have us believe is popular. We all know that Rashida Mulenga is extremely popular in Kalulushi than the PF adopted person Kampamba Mulenga.

Equally, we all know that Evans Fenete is more popular in Livingston than Namakau Siyange. We all know that Nyambose is more popular in Chasefu than Dr. Timothy Mtonga. We all know that Munir Zulu is more popular in Lumezi than the PF adopted candidate Pilila Jere. We know that Emmanuel JJ Banda is popular than Dora Siliya in Petauke. We all know that Zindaba Soko is more popular than Amon Jere for Chipata Central. We all know that Chris Chiinda is very popular in Munali than the PF’s adopted candidate. When Davis says his party has adopted based on popularity, what exactly does he mean?

Of course, the PF are on cloud nine and you cannot advise them because they think they know it all. But when you check these things critically, you will realize that this election has already been lost to the United Party for National Development (UPND) if the leaders of main opposition become more aggressive and serious.

When you go to Eastern province, the Kalonga Gawa Undi and Mpezeni who are influential traditional leaders and command great influence among their followers have rejected these PF candidates. The ruling party cannot win in that province with over 50 of the registered votes in Eastern.

The PF has for a very long time picked fights with Gawa whom they hate because he has refused to be corrupted by them. They hate Gawa not because he has done anything wrong to them but because the man has principles and knows that his rulership is a service to his subjects. PF now see Gawa as their number one enemy in Eastern forgetting that, you can’t fight a traditional leader of that nature and expect his subjects to watch you. The subjects of Gawa will fight Edgar Lungu on the ballot.

Further, the PF has picked fights with the Roman Catholic because this Church has refused to be corrupted with money for them to abandon their sacred objective of serving its fellowships.

The PF has angered many Zambians. They have starved the youths of employment. They have mistreated marketeers through their violent cadres. They have mistreated the civil servants through all sorts of frustrating policies like wage freeze and poor conditions of service. The PF have angered students with no bursaries. The PF have angered university lecturers, teachers, nurses, doctors and even workers in the private sector by going to bed with the employers to craft very bad employment conditions. The PF has angered basically everyone you can think of apart from their few violent cadres who do not even vote. How do they hope to win these elections?

More than ever, these elections are not about the popularity of the party. This election is about the individual players. The people are not very interested in voting for PF. Those still sticking around are attracted to certain personalities in the ruling party. Go to Nkana and ask the voters whom they want. They will tell you it is Binwell Mpundu. Ask those same voters if they will vote for PF. They will tell you that their vote for PF is because of the person they will vote as MP. Now that Binwell hasn’t been adopted, will those supporters still vote for PF?


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