THE UPND is a very autocratic and sexist party and one only has to look at its structures at all levels, Cabinet and other appointees to prove what I am talking about.

Our first lady, Mrs. Mutinta Hichilema, always looks stunning. And if UPND respected women, we would be hearing her speak by now. It is now six months and she has not yet chosen a charity of her choice. She has not yet spoken a word, at least to us as her children. Being invited to one or two events is not enough, her office needs to be functional as the first lady office always is.

There is a reason why I keep insisting on her office being active and to choose a charity of her choice. Zambian businesses are not so giving as we see in other countries. In Zambia, companies give to charity only with the hope of getting more business in return. So if the First Lady’s office becomes active and she chooses to work with vulnerable women or children, many businesses will partner with her just so that they get close ro power. They will give to the women and children programmes more than they would if any organisation or person approached them. In fact, she would not even have to approach them, they would go to her. So we need that office to be as active as her predecessors’ for the sake of the vulnerable people that she will decide to help.

Sadly, the UPND have taken us back to the old era where they used to say that a woman should be seen and not heard. So we see her, but we do not hear her. I’m sure no one is happier than the UPND in this time and era where people have to wear marks, because it also looks like it is a sign for one to shut up. They are intolerant and lack respect for women as we see in their party, right here on Facebook and sadly it goes into Cabinet and all other areas.
We shall continue to hope for a better day and time for women under the UPND. But when we see that the first lady and their own female leaders are not given space and platforms to merely speak and work. They just show up at events. When we see how they allow and ignore their cadres who insult women day in and day out, I shudder to think what they plan for us women in the secrecy of their offices.
Saboi Imboela
President- NDC


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