It Is The Agenda Of PF To Provoke President Hakainde Hichilema- Copperbelt Businessman

By Melbin Simangolwa

By Melbin Simangolwa


….but they don’t realise that so far HH has been their only refuge as people are still bitter them.

The first thing President Hakainde Hichilema did after forming government was to protect the Patriotic Front members from the wrath of the public. Despite UPND members not liking this move, President Hichilema remained resolved to ease the tension and cool the tempers. Unfortunately, PF members can’t see this and are trying to provoke the only person protecting them.

Don’t think people are happy to see criminals who terrorised them during the reigns of PF walking freely. UPND members were tortured, women stripped naked and raped. This pain is still fresh. Some of UPND members are still living with bullets in their bodies and the people who did this to them are still moving freely because President Hakainde Hichilema has restrained his members from taking revenge.

This is what President Lungu and PF can’t see when they are planning to provoke the President. HH is the last line of defence for PF. We understand that People surrounding Edgar Lungu are political businessmen who can only survive when there’s confusion but they must look at the bigger picture because the calamity that will befall them will be great.

Edgar Lungu must be wise not to be influenced by small boys who just looking for pocket change. Let him look at the big picture and protect the peace that this country is enjoying. This planned move to provoke President Hakainde Hichilema will end in tears.

In short let former President Lungu behave like a statesman. Don’t be fooled that UPND is scared of him, they actually want him in the political circles for obvious reasons.

Let those with eyes see and those with ears hear

Mellbin Simangolwa
Copperbelt Businessman


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