It is the first ever police vehicle in Kanchibiya since Independence- Sunday Chanda


  1. Sunday chanda you have grown to be wise and see clearly the agenda of bally. Please please don’t follow those trouble makers continue working with bally so that the people of kanchibiya can develop. As you can see those trouble makers are busy trotting from police station to police station wasting time on gunyu masaka and Vaseline party leaving their constituencies unattended. Thank you for the work you are doing.

  2. Thank you for putting serving zambians who elected you as a priority.Your constituency will soon be transformed because they elected a focused MP.

    • People of Nkanchibiya know better than you. I bet its the same Malama or his supporters who failed to bring development to the constituency that are now annoyed at what has been achieved. Hon Chanda we salute you. Other MPs should emulate him and Zambia will be a land of honey and milk. In the previous govts where were resources meant to develop such constituencies going to? This man can get his well deserved tax free gratuity at the end of his term and will certainly be re-elected regardless of what platform he decides to seek re-election campaign on.

  3. This man has rightly put it that he is gifted with knowledge and wisdom. You can see that for all those years he spent in PF, he was in a wrong group and working with wrong people. While others are busy making noise everyday, him is busy building his image and learning how good leadership and governance are done. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hon Chanda became the Vice President or president of this country after her honor Mrs Nakumango and HE. President HH. The gentleman is a presidential material, he is reasonable, wise and mature, it doesn’t help to oppose everything just because you are in opposition, give credit where it’s due and you lose nothing. Hon Chanda, we appreciate your words, you are such an honest man, that’s the way to go and remain focused.


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