It is the first time in the history of Zambia that a catholic priest has been summoned by police over his homily- Fred M’membe



Lufwanyama’s St Joseph’s Mission priest in charge, Fr Chewe Mukosa, has been summoned by the police for questioning on Tuesday following his homily on Easter Sunday. As far as I can remember, it is probably the first time in the history of this country that a priest has been summoned by police over his homily, his words in church. To borrow from Mr Hakainde Hichilema’s vocabulary, this is “First Time Ever” !

If a priest is preaching the Word of God, would you agree that he should be free in this country to say what needs to be said in order to apply that Word of God to the circumstances of our times?

The Second Vatican Council defended the freedom of the preacher in these words in the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World: “…At all times and in all places, the Church should have the true freedom to teach the faith, to proclaim its teaching about society, to carry out its task among men without hindrance, and to pass moral judgment even in matters relating to politics, whenever the fundamental rights of man or the salvation of souls requires it” (GS 76).
Now, bishops and priests are intimidated about preaching about politics.

Freedom of speech is a bedrock of our Republic. It takes on an even greater dimension when considered in the context of churches. Those who preach and teach the Word of God are carrying out a mission not given to them by an earthly authority, but rather entrusted to them by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The content of a sermon or religious teaching, therefore, has to be protected in order to insure that religion can be freely and properly exercised, that the preacher can fulfill the sacred duties to which he is solemnly committed, and that the congregation can receive the clear and robust teaching of their religion, free of distortion, dilution, or apology.

That’s why each of us should say No to this intimidation and offer solidarity to Fr Mukosa. Those who can make it should turn up at Copperbelt Division Headquarters Building in Ndola at 10:00 hours on Tuesday April 9, 2024.

Again, we advise Mr Hakainde Hichilema that his exercise of power must be a constant practice of self limitation and modesty.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. This homosexual never said a single word when the PF regime murdered citizens, forcibly grabbed land from legitimate owners, committed political violence on opposition, gassed the masses, looted coffers, uttered tribal hate speeches, did not advertise public jobs but employed nepotistically, corruptly and tribally. Now he’s speaking for hypocritical priests who have personal hate against HH as an individual. This sodomite is a sworn bemba tribalist who will never see any good from the current President no matter what he does. May the Lord God of Israel protect the President and give an appropriate recompense to these enemies who falsely accuse and fight his child, HH.

  2. Hammer Head Gumu Gumu Mumembe Fuledi, you are wasting your political time!
    Don’t forget there is you, Harry Kalaba, ECL, Nawakwi, Imbwaela, Sakwiba, Silavwe, Nervous, Danny Pule, Chishala, Muliokela, Andyford Banda,Sean Tembo, and many more trying to be presidents without presenting a clear manifesto to Zambians!
    All they can talk about is HH this, HH that. Kodi HH ni mwana wa azinyinawanu?
    Remember, HH is not a Police officer by profession.
    If a Priest infringes on the Law, don’t expect them to be spared just because ni ba Priest!
    Priests are sinners who make mistakes like everyone else!
    Trouble is Africans, particularly Zambians are so brainwashed by Religion to the point where they think the Clergy are holy!
    No one is holy, not even the Pope!
    All must behave or they will get locked up!
    For goodness sake, we go to church for a spiritual bath. Trouble is going to church and you find the spiritual water is contaminated by worldliness and petty politics, then you wonder what is the use of going to some of these churches!
    Most people go to church because of poverty reasons. They expect the church to rescue them when they get into problems.
    Some go to church in order to be in good books with the Clergy so that they can obtain economic favor for themselves and families!
    That’s why we need to overcome poverty to free people mentally!
    Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds! Don’t be intimidated by the outward pomp!
    Some of you fear human beings more than God!
    That is the reason some of us choose Freedom over religion! That way, you get a better perspective of the Creator! You also escape the deceptions of Religious denominations!
    It’s all Babylon!
    But we must not allow wayward clergy to fuel the passions of hate the way they did during the Rwandan Genocide!

  3. These Catholic priests now have even stopped preaching the word of God from the Bible. They have personal vendetta and full of hate.
    In fact Mukosa doesn’t even understand the Bible and they have resorted to Homilies so that they can get away with Hate and tribal messages!!
    The so called Catholic Priests are now the leading God’s flock astray using their homilies are not even in the bibles. Who will save God’s children because Satan or Lucifer has invaded the Catholics in Zambia and nobody is watching.


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