As an Organization championing National Values and Principles in the Country, we are moved writing in order to disassociate His Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema from embracing Hon Chabinga as leader of the opposition in Parliament.

At the same time we wish to reiterate the need for the Republican President using wholesome language whenever he is addressing the masses of people. While in Kasama during the launching of the rehabilitated Kasama Airport, the Head of State accompanied by honorable Chabinga was quoted telling him not to be afraid of anyone and in his salutations, the Head of State went ahead recognizing hon Chabinga as leader of the opposition in Parliament.

President Hichilema is on record to have been using unpalatable language whenever he is addressing large gatherings. While in opposition and in the same area of Kasama President Hakainde Hichilema is on record to have referred to the Patriotic Front Party cadres as “Bafikala” a sarcastic term meaning the manhood’s of male anatomy. During his address to the people in the presence of the Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Mwinelubemba, Kanyanta Mangala Chanda Sosala, the President recalled how the Patriotic Front Party always threatened and intimidated him and his supporters.

The President could not restrain and contain himself but succumbed to using the unwholesome expressions used in the streets like Twaleponoka or Baletuponona entailing we were being roughed up. While the President was not exaggerating the terminologies as he recited them, it is culturally unacceptable reporting insults told to someone in the presence of the elderly.

By reciting such insults in the presence of Paramount Chief Chitimukulu, the President was indirectly insulting the Chief and the entire Bemba Loyal Establishment. As an Organization, we also find it legally wrong and unethical for the President publicly recognizing and acknowledging the presence of honorable Chabinga as leader of the opposition when the matter is active before Court.

It must be mentioned that any statement uttered by the Republican President is taken to be binding and inspired. The Head of State is surrounded by a team of learned lawyers and receives updates on legal matters before anyone gets to know. By recognizing hon Chabinga President Hichilema is deliberately giving room for speculations that probably the Judiciary is already decided on the matter.

It is in public domain that the decision by the Speaker of National Assembly ushering a new team of the leader of the opposition, the Chief Whip and other privileges meant for the opposition is being contended in the Courts of Law. The general public is patiently waiting for the Courts to pronounce itself on the legitimacy of the genuine office bearers of the Patriotic Front Party.

So far the ongoing wrangles engulfed in by the Patriotic Front Party are characterized by Court injunctions and speculations have been looming that the Executive Arm of Government are meddling in internal affairs of the former ruling Party.

It is incumbent upon the Republican President to unite the Country. Presently the citizens are facing adverse economic hardships and our people are overwhelmed with prejudices and irrational killings involving some Law Enforcement Agencies and the Zambia Police. We desperately need to heal as a Nation.

It is unfortunate that President Hakainde Hichilema is not toning down in his desire to pay back evil for evil. As an Organization, we are calling upon His Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema to render an unreseved apology to the entire Chiefdom of the Bemba Loyal Establishment with immediate effect!

We also wish to reiterate our earlier call for the President to be using an outline every time he is called upon to present a speech. There is a need for the President and his leadership to exercise maximum restraint and self control when handling national matters. Regardless of the provocation, the President must be above board and the Highest Office must not be adulterated.

It is important that those holding the highest office in the land maintain its decorum. It is sad that the President has decided remaining quiet on some serious happenings taking place in the Country. Instead His Excellency has reduced the Office of Presidency to promoting illegalities and preaching hurt speech and divisive language.

Instead of being guided by our National Values and Principles which is our moral compass, we have allowed ourselves to degenerate into a lawless Country! It is high time we reflected on our conduct and attitude as a Country.




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