By Dillion Mayangwa

Since the increase of fuel yesterday, social media has been awash with all manner of theories from both the praise singers and cry babies on fuel adjustments.

But before we pick the sword and judge, Zambians must look at a bigger picture of our economy.

No economic recovery can be smooth, either at personnel level or household level. We all have to make tough and scary decision for us to address the current economic problems.

While it seems difficult to defend, it will hurt because we all desire to get something next to nothing.

But who said good things come easily or for free! There is a price that we are going pay to have our economy back on track. To service the loans and to be able to employ our youths, many unpopular decisions will be made.

The road will surely be bumpy here and there. But the fact is that we are on the right road. In no time, Bally will fix it.

The bumpy road and potholes won’t make us divert we just seven months on the road we shall hold on strong, support and believe in the process until 2026.


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