MDC Vice President for Politics Leonard Hikaumba


The Movement for Democratic Change MDC has said it did not become part of the UPND Alliance because of being after jobs but to ensure that the country is liberated from among other things, a broken economy, polarized country on tribal lines and misgovernment by the former Patriotic Front regime.

Speaking at a press briefing this morning, MDC Vice President for Politics Leonard Hikaumba said the party will continue being in the alliance with the UPND as it would be petty moving out of this alliance, the first to ever succeed in this country on the basis of not being given jobs by the presidency.

“It is being petty moving from the alliance because jobs are not given. We are not after jobs but liberating the country. As MDC, we shall see to it that this is done because we have a partner in UPND that is ready to listen” he said.

Mr Hikaumba said the primary objective of the UPND Alliance was not to give jobs to alliance members, but the majority 2.8 million voters in the August elections wanted a better economy, enjoyment of their freedoms, unity and a prosperous Zambia.

“We joined the alliance to liberate the country from people we had entrusted, but there was misgovernment. So many things were going so wrong because at no time did we see a country so polarized and divided. Some of us were even scared to mention our names as that came with a lot of hostility” Mr Hikaumba said.

He said never before did the country see so much recklessness in expenditure and management of national affairs as it were under the PF regime and one wonders what would have become of the country had they continued for another 5 years.

Mr Hikaumba also said there is need for Zambians especially those in leader’s to emulate President Hakainde Hichilema who has forgone his salary for 8 months, a clear demonstration that he is not after money but to serve the country.

And Mr Hikaumba said the party received the resignation of its former Secretary General Lucky Mulusa, who did not indicate reasons for stepping down and the leadership has since wished him well in his future endeavors as he has a right and freedom of association to a political party of choice.

The MDC Vice President was flanked by MDC Deputy Secretary Ambassador Joyce Musenge, Central Province Chairman George Kangwa, Copperbelt Chairman Shine Mukosha, Eastern Province Chairman Jacob Mwanza and Lusaka Province Chairman Donald Chilufya among other senior party leaders.

Speaking at the same briefing, UPND Media Director Ruth Dante said the party is very proud of the alliance which agreed on one principle of delivering the country from a broken economy among others.

Ms Dante said the UPND Alliance is there to deliver on its promises to the people of Zambia and therefore, the pain people are currently going through is for a purpose which is to free them from abject poverty imposed on them by the PF.

She said nothing will break what the UPND Alliance stands for going forward.



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